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About Jen

My name is Jen Aliano, Co-Owner and Founder of Natural Baby Pros. I have two amazing children who have been my inspiration in creating and holding this space to share with you. In fact, it was my own difficulties in pregnancy and birth are what motivated me to take on this amazing project. 

By trade I am an acupuncturist, nutritionist, and holistic health practitioner, specializing in the care and treatment of fertility issues, pregnancy, and post-partum. I am joyed when I think of the babies that I have helped bring into this world, but am also reminded of how many women and couples struggle to start a family of their own, many of whom are unaware of the natural, non-conventional therapies available to help them bring a healthy, happy baby into a healthy and happy family.

When I think of my own experiences in pregnancy and birth, I wouldn’t say that I have any regrets, but I would say that I wish I was more educated. Both of my sons were born in the hospital, thankfully with an OB who was very open to natural birth and natural therapies. My first son, Carson, came with the help of an epidural. I was planning on using self-hypnotherapy for his birth, but without the proper help and support of a birth partner, realized it was too much for me to do on my own through the entire process. Because of this, I was well prepared for the birth of my second son… I hired a doula. Many thanks to her, I had a successful and amazing birth with Adam.  However, my struggle with preterm labor, an early birth, and what seemed to be an endless string of complications that followed prompted me to look for more answers and support than I could provide for myself.  Thus began my journey in the creation of Natural Baby Pros.

There is much more to this story, but I will leave it at that for now. What I can say from these experiences, and those that followed, is that it not only takes an amazing woman to be a great mother, it also takes the right education, the right opportunities, strength and trust in your own innate wisdom to make the best choices for you and your children. That is what makes you the best mother you can possibly be to your children. But in order to make choices, you must know all your options, and that is where Natural Baby Pros plays its part...


About Amy

My name is Amy Saloner. I am the co-owner of Natural Baby Pros and co-founder of The Natural Baby Project San Diego.  My number one priority in this life is my family. I am the proud mother of Serena and Malakai, step-mother to Jakob and wife to Craig.  I have never experienced more love, joy, patience, wisdom and growth in any other role in my life as I have being a mother.

My reasons for starting The Natural Baby Project, San Diego (formerly the Natural Birth Project) in January 2009 was because of my own experiences of birth and parenting. Unlike most of the women I knew, I chose to have both of my children at home. I started my first pregnancy seeing a doctor, but in a few short visits I realized that the traditional medical model of care for birth did not suit me.  It was only when I started working with a midwife and a doula did I truly find comfort, support and empowerment in the experience of this momentous transition in my life.  Both of my birth experiences were positive and empowering, but honestly, it was difficult for me to share my journey with most women because so many had less than ideal experiences of their own.  And so few actually understood my choices in breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleeping and using holistic practitioners for my children’s regular care. Throughout my pregnancy, and still today, my children and I have worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, homeopaths, osteopaths, a holistic M.D., cranial-sacral therapist and more!  I am no expert on all of these modalities of treatment, but my passion since becoming a mom has been to educate women about ALL of their options for support.  It is also my desire to uplift and normalize these professions as powerful first steps to a healthy pregnancy and birth. I have seen the benefits for myself and others, and I know what it means to be healed and empowered by more holistic support.

In addition to my passion for all things birth, I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My professional experiences prior to being a mom were essentially the building blocks for my role as a mom-preneur.  I received my Masters Degree in Social Welfare at UCLA, and worked for almost 10 years in the field of social work, education and child development. I worked not only with families addressing concerns of behavioral and learning challenges, developmental disabilities and mental illness, but more recently I excelled in the role of supervisor, trainer, program developer and clinical director creating innovative programs for my staff to provide quality services that met the emotional, physical, psychological and developmental needs of their clients. Creating my own business after having a baby was the logical next step for me to utilize my expertise and penchant for creative, out-of-the-box solutions to support those in need while still being present to raise my children at home. 

My wish for you in this journey is that Natural Baby Pros and The Natural Baby Project San Diego affords you relevant education and useful resources for you to make an informed choice about your pregnancy, birth and child rearing options.  I also hope that both parents AND providers feel supported and inspired by our efforts to raise awareness and create opportunities for empowered and natural options in health and well-being.  ENJOY! 

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