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Essential Oils Can Assist with Fertility Problems! I'd like to share

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views

by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Owing to stress and stagnant lifestyles, more and more women are falling prey to infertility every day. What follows is a rigorous treatment involving hormones and other medication which causes a lot of stress to the mind and body. Being unable to conceive causes immense anxiety and frustration which only grows with time – this worsens the hormonal imbalance and further reduces a woman's chances of becoming a mother.

I can relate to the feeling as I have been through the same dilemma 15 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant. After 4 years of incessant but failed attempts, I created a blend of oils based on my knowledge of aromatherapy.
My husband and I used this blend during couple massage sessions. The essential oils played an important role in restoring my hormonal balance and within a month, I was on my way to motherhood! Essential oils have helped me in every phase of pregnancy and for many years after that. I have only aromatherapy to thank for blessing us with a healthy and cheerful child like Juan Martin.

I am glad to say that I have been able to help many women overcome their infertility problems and become happy and proud mothers. The underlying causes of infertility in these women may be varied but the one common denominator was their anxiety to get pregnant and their disappointment when they tested negative month after month. Some of them combined my aromatherapy blends and advice with other treatments – holistic, allopathic or both and some of them just used my oils. There may be several physiological factors that can explain why essential oils could have helped - their relaxant properties, their ability to promote circulation, their phytohormonal properties or all of the above.

My personal experiences inspired me to formulate RADIARE Woman's Help Body Oil, a special essential oil blend that incorporates the goodness of 4 highly effective essential oils that work on a woman's body in different ways.

  • Geranium: Balances out the hormones and stimulates the adrenal cortex. Works as an uterine and ovarian tonic.
  • Clary Sage: Helpful in relieving feminine problems, stress, depression and anxiety. It's also said that it imitates estrogen, the feminine hormone.
  • Lavender: Calms and relaxes the mind. Extremely beneficial for people who are in an unbalanced emotional state.
  • Fennel: Has been known for thousands of years for its effects on the female reproductive system. Helps regularize menstrual cycle, specially scanty and painful periods.

I would like to share my beautiful experience with all women out there who suffer from different causes of infertility. Although it may not be the ultimate cure, it certainly helps in more ways than one. A relaxing bodymassage concentrating on the abdomen and limbs has a physical as well as emotional benefit. The massage relaxes your mind and stimulates the reproductive organs while the essential oils do their job.

  • Involving your partner in the process can bring you closer on a physical and emotional level. Indulge in couple massages to detoxify your bodies and build up intimacy.
  • The use of essential oils does not interfere with any other treatments that you may be undergoing for infertility; in fact, it complements them.
  • Women of all ages and conditions can benefit from the use of essential oils.
  • Feel good about your body and enjoy the process rather than worrying about the results.

The secret to success lies in cultivating a positive attitude towards yourself and your relationship with your partner.


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