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Good Guys Grow in Your Gut

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 2 views
by Jan Roberts  B.Pharm (Hons) Dip. Clinical Nutrition


I’m hopping on the “healthy gut” soap box again! The research, expanding at a phenomenal rate, confirms the importance of the gut microbiota. Quite apart from preventing a host of directly gut-related health issues, the good gut bacteria, which contain 100 times more cells and 100 times more genes than in you, go a long way towards establishing and maintaining normal weight, hormone balance and emotional stability!

And particularly relevant to the topic that NaturalBabyPros is exploring this month, Yale and Harvard researchers have identified a brief window of opportunity postnatally when optimal gut health can be established in the infant. Take advantage of that window and you bestow a lifetime of better health on the child. WOW - what an opportunity you have, or conversely, what an opportunity might be missed. Because there’s no doubt that many children miss out - for example a C-section means a baby born into a sterile environment, failing to acquire his mother’s bacteria as he passes down the birth canal. Formula feeding presents a similar story, delivering an equally unfortunate impact on gut health. The researchers make a direct link to the extremely high C-sec and formula feeding rates, to the epidemics of obesity and depression!

But no matter how deplorable the statistics, the good news is that probiotics can act as a surrogate with probiotic-containing products of potential benefit to the whole family.

So how do you ensure all of these gut-related goodies for your baby?

• Probiotic product for you and your partner during pregnancy, which will establish a healthy gut population in both of you. While the bacterial population of your vagina and gastrointestianl tract is the major influence on that of your baby, the microbial population of your partner will also have some influence due to intimate contact with you

• immediate and ongoing breastfeeding

• no antibiotics for you or your baby

• continuing use of probiotic for both partners during breastfeeding

Find more on this story, also the best probiotic job for restoring gut health whether C-section is a remote possibility, distinct probability or past history! Jan’s Picks at


Jan Roberts  B.Pharm (Hons) Dip. Clinical Nutrition

Over 40 years in the health care industry, Jan has spent 30 of those working to improve the physical and mental health of the next generation. Her work is now distilled (2012) into two simple, easy-to-follow books and ebooks Healthy Parents Healthy Baby - Your Guide to Preconception and Pregnancy and Healthy Parents Healthy Toddler - Your Guide to Bonding, Breastfeeding and the Toddler Years. Jan’s earlier books, The Natural Way to Better Babies …Better Pregnancy … Better Birth & Bonding … and Better Breastfeeding, co-authored with naturopath and herbalist Francesca Naish have become ‘evergreen’ best-sellers. All published by Random House Australia.

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