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5 Natural Remedies for Male Infertility

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 5 views
By Hethir Rodriguez MH, CMT


Male infertility due to low sperm count is more prevalent then people realize. In fact, a large number of things can cause low sperm count because sperm are not as well protected as the egg and can only remain viable under strict conditions. Below is a list of items that cause low sperm count and five natural remedies to help improve them.

Causes for low sperm count:

  1. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from appliances like cell phones and laptops generate heat, and when placed closed to the testicles, can lead to lower sperm count.
  2. Cigarette smoking reduces sperm count by 23% and adversely affects the sperm’s ability to travel to the egg by 13%, both are factors of male infertility. Studies have even shown that parental smoking increases the risk of congenital defects. These risk factors can be reduced and eliminated through a smoking cessation program.
  3. Hormones in food cause hormone imbalance that are detrimental to sperm formation. Pesticides can mimic estrogen-like effects and also negatively affect the body’s ability to produce sperm.
  4. Under most circumstances soy food is quite healthy but for men soy food delivers estrogen-like compounds (called xenohormones) that interfere with testosterone signaling and production.
  5. Moderate alcohol consumption for males does not cause long-lasting effects, but heavy drinking can cause male infertility from poor sperm quality.
  6. Plastics produce another xenohormone when they are heated. This is an important issue to take into consideration when choosing to purchase reheating dishes, drinking from bottled water or choosing a job with occupational hazards.
  7. Anything that constricts the testicles and do not allow them to naturally absorb or release heat increases the risk of low sperm count. Tight boxers or briefs can inadvertently prevent the testicles from regulating its temperature.
  8. Last but not least is stress. The body’s endocrine system is inline with many other bodily functions. When stress is affecting one system, you increase the risk of affecting the endocrine system, which produces hormones.

When the hormones are out of balance sperm are not created properly and you get male infertility.

Here are five natural tips for male infertility:

  1. Reduce exposure to xenohormones from foods and the environment. This can be done by eating only organic meats, dairy, and produce. Also avoiding precessed soy foods can help.
  2. Cleanse the body of excess hormones and toxins by cleansing. Find a cleanse that is specific for fertility and men.
  3. Consume foods high in fiber, minerals, and healthy cholesterol to produce the essential proteins and hormones your body needs to make healthy sperm.
  4. Use herbs that help to support sperm health such as maca, ginseng and tribulus.
  5. Take a whole food multivitamin daily. Nutrients that are especially important to male fertility are zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acids.  These can all be found in a balanced whole food multivitamin.

If you would like to learn more about increasing sperm health, boosting your fertility naturally or preparing for conception, make sure to visit

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