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The Power of Flowers for Your Children

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views
By:  Amy D. Cohen, BFRP
  • Are you dealing with tantrums?
  • Is Your Child Biting?
  • Are you having bed wetting Issues? 
  • Does your child need help with communication?

If you answered yes to any of these issues or you have other issues to resolve, REACH FOR THE FLOWERS!

I have never seen a more beautiful and quick healing for the issues our children struggle with.  There are so many issues our kids, and ourselves, deal with on a daily basis.  Some are  small issues, some are intense.  But they are all important, and they all have a part in creating how we feel about ourselves and sometimes, who we become.   It can be as small as clinginess, stuttering, tantrums, bedwetting to something as intense as grief, fears, divorce, trauma, or confidence. 

If you child is having long, loud tantrums - reach for cherry plum at your health food store.  If you are going through a divorce, you and your children should be taking Rescue or Emergency to help you all through. 

Moms with high stress, juggling home and career can be daunting!  Reach for the flower remedies to bring calm to your stress and overwhelm.   In the health food store you will find Bach Flower Essences.  These are one of the brands that I use.  Depending on your situation, is how I choose a remedy when making a personal blend for my clients and their children. 

So, if you are stressed - reach for Elm.

Need a dose of confidence for yourself or your child - reach for Larch. 

Not the best communicator or not putting sentence together as you should-reach for Bush Fuchsia.

  • Is your child shy or fearful, or clingy? 
  • Are you dealing with sibling rivalry, anger or anxiety?
  • Is there a focusing problem? 
  • Was there trauma in the birth process of pregnancy?  

So although we talk about how the flower remedies work with our emotional issues, it is closely related to the physical issues we deal with as well.   Flower remedies  help reverse the negative behaviors that don’t serve you and your children.  They will move you back into balance, reversing your negative thoughts and behaviors.  After being on a personal remedy blend, or whether you pick your own remedies (I can help!), you will start to think differently, believe differently, and behave differently,  it just comes naturally!    Most importantly, they are safe, non-toxic, self adjusting, and will not interfere with medication!  Learn more about them at my website  Take the remedy quiz for yourself.  Read the testimonials, and always call or email with your questions.  I am happy to help!

I fell into this beautiful healing through a trauma, and I am reaching out to you to take advantage!  You will never be sorry!


Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Flower Remedies Practitioner and Teacher focusing on emotional healing specializing in autism, PTSD and women’s issues.  She is an accredited teacher for Australian Bush Flower Essences and received certification from Bach Flower Education in NY, affiliated with Bach Centre in England.  She studied homeopathy for three years with NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England.  She is one of six Registered Practitioners in the State of New Jersey.  She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide.  She can be reached at 800-474-1667 or