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THE POWER OF THE FLOWERS: Using the Flowers for Infertility, Pregnancy

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views

THE POWER OF THE FLOWERS: Using the Flowers for Infertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Staying Hormonally Balanced!

By Amy Cohen, BFRP 

Many women have the dream.... fall in love, get married, have happily ever after.  Then real life sets in!   Life never really goes our way, does it!  We have to work around what it gives us, and make it work.

Many times, the issue may be getting pregnant.  Maybe its not coming as quickly as we would like.  There doesn’t seem to be a physical reason for not getting pregnant, its just not happening. 

When I have a client who has this issue, we find it to be emotional, for the most part.  It can come from the past, or the present.  Each individual is different, but the theme the same.  The desire to get pregnant. 

After you have ruled out any physical ailments there are two things I recommend doing.  The first is taking a flower remedy.  She Oak is a one of the flower remedies I like to use.  It rehydrates your cells, balances your hormones, and stabilizes your emotions as well.  There is usually a need to be on this remedy for three months.   There are other remedies I may use in conjunction with She Oak, but this is usually where I like to start.

Another reason to reach for the flower remedies is is to get through your pregnancy.  For many of us, pregnancy is fantastic, for many others, getting through pregnancy is difficult.  Here are some flower remedies and what they heal:

  • Adopting to changes in body and lifestyle, also for the bonding with the baby - Bottlebrush
  • Trusting and following your instinct in mothering - Bush Fuchsia
  • Feeling physically emcumbered in the last month of pregnancy - Wild Potato Bush
  • For stamina, endurance. to remedy physical exhaustion during labor-Macrocarpa
  • Help heal tearing or stitches from episiotomy or caesarian; help with scarring - Slender Rice Flower
  • For the terror of childbirth encouraging calm, courage and faith
  • When babies are stillborn - we use Waratah to help the mom get through the despair 
  • There are many women that suffer with Post partum depression and I use Tall Yellow Top to help balance hormones and heal the sadness
  • Sometimes we feel stuck and frustrated being home with a young family- I use Red Grevillea
  • And I love Bush Gardenia for family bonding

So, as you can see, we use the remedies for many different reasons beginning with trying to get pregnant and following all emotional issues after the birth.  But it doesn’t stop there, it will help you to release anxiety, stress, fears, anger, impatience, feeling stuck, not accepted or fitting in, peer pressure, bonding, motivation, sibling rivalry, children difficulties at home/school,.  The right blend of remedies will help you to realize and follow your dream.  I find the more chaotic your household, the faster you see results! 

The beauty is you can use them yourself or after a consultation, have a personal remedy blend made for you, depending on your needs.   Give yourself the gift of living the way you dream for yourself and your children!   BE HAPPY, ITS ONLY NATURAL!


Amy D. Cohen is a Flower Remedies Practitioner based in NJ with clients throughout the United States and internationally.  She works with remedies from all over the world to help adults and children feel their best.  She specializes in the symptoms of autism, behavioral issues, PTSD, andropause/menopause.  Email at[email protected]; visit her website at  Skype at amy.c.50.  Phone 800-474-1667.  Consults are free, call with any questions.