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Homeopathic Remedies for Stress

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 3 views

Allison MaslanHomeopathic Wellness Center

Stress can create serious impact or have chronic implications. In everyday life, our bodies cannot make the distinction of whether the stress is a true life-threatening danger, just a work deadline, financial stress or a traf­fic jam. Repeated activation of the body’s crisis-response system, without the support of consistent stress-releasing efforts and attention to rejuve­nate and strengthen the body, can take a huge toll on our innate ability to heal. Below are some suggested remedies to combat stress. First allow me to explain how they work.

In these times, stress is a reality of life for many people in America, who face day-to-day challenges generated from a local to a global level. Our daily news should be more aptly titled “What Went Wrong Today in Your Town and Around the World.” If this is your reality and where you focus your attention, your body and mind are surely taking the heat.

The word “ease” means effortlessness, simplicity, comfort. The state of “dis-ease” is one of struggle, difficulty and discomfort in one or all levels of the body. The common denominators for most of my non-well clients is stress in the form of an ongoing internal suppression of emotions, such as repressed grief, anger, frustration, resentment, regret or fear.

Classical Homeopathy is a science of medicine that has been in exis­tence for the past 200 years. It has literally changed my life and the lives of millions of other people around the world. Homeopathy’s healing capacity is very broad and deep because it literally addresses every system of the body on the mental, physical and emotional levels. In this way, it’s truly holistic. Homeopathy is also unique in that it works to heal the cause of an ailment, rather than treating symptoms alone. Because the homeopath targets the source of the pain or trauma, the healing capacity can be profound. In my case, it was literally life-altering.

Benefits of Homeopathy:

  • Homeopathy treats the whole person rather than the disease alone.
  • Homeopathic healing works at a very deep level in the body to heal the cause of the ailment.
  • Homeopathy is “energy medicine” so it works deeply with the energy of the body.
  • Homeopathy balances the mental/emotional aspects of a person at the same time that it balances the physical level.
  • Each case is individually based on the person’s needs.
  • Homeopathy is gentle and non-addictive.
  • Homeopathic remedies have been FDA approved since 1938.
  • Homeopathy treats acute and chronic ailments gently and effectively.
  • The client of homeopathy doesn’t experience a drug-like effect; rather, they just begin to feel more like themselves before they were ill, or even better.
  • Homeopathy works wonderfully on babies and animals, so it is not a placebo.
  • Homeopathy complements Western Medicine well because it doesn’t interfere with allopathic treatment. In fact, it works well with it.
  • By seeing and understanding the body’s signals at a deeper level, the homeopath can also heal at that deep level. Rather than suppressing superficial symptoms with the Band-Aid approach, we can use homeopa­thy to address the core imbalance.

Common Remedies for Acute Stress and Worry

If your symptoms are more chronic (meaning longer than 30 days), the most effective way to treat your physical or emotional stress is to receive your constitutional remedy from a Certified Classical Homeopath. The homeopath will choose a remedy out of 4,000 possibilities that will fit your particular state of physical, mental and emotional health. This remedy will work to balance your entire body and in doing so, you will begin to feel better in every way.

In an acute state, choose the best fitting remedy below that fits you.

Arsenicum Album- Anxiety, restlessness or nervous exhaustion. Money worries. May get out of bed and start pacing or cleaning your house. Tends to wake around midnight and can be awake until 3am. You tend to feel better from warm wraps or warm baths.

Calcarea Carbonicum- fear of loss of security, fear of disaster. For types that tend to want to stay close to home. Overworked and overwhelmed.

Coffea Cruda - Yes, from the coffee bean! Coffea is a great remedy for sleeplessness when you cannot sleep from over excitement of the body or mind, nervousness or too much mental activity.

Gelsemium Sempervirens- tend to be quiet and reserved, fear in a crowd, anxiety anticipating an event or situation.

Kali Phosphoricum- mental exhaustion after long periods of stress or overexertion. Sleepy but cannot sleep from overwork and worry. Mental fatigue. Hypersensitive to stimuli. Chronic fatigue from lack of sleep.

Nux Vomica- Busy mind, mental stress and overwork. Often waking from thoughts between 3 and 4am. Nux Vomica types tend to push themselves to the max!

Valeriana Officinalis- cannot calm the body or mind. Oversensitive to sounds and smells. Intense moodiness, nervousness and restlessness. Symptoms are worse during menstrual cycle or menopause.

Dosage Suggestions:

These remedies are available at your local health food store in the vitamin section. I recommend a 30c or 30x potency.

  1. In acute ailments, if you are already on a constitutional remedy, contact your homeopathic practitioner. You would always dose first with your Constitutional Remedy as prescribed by your homeopath.
  2. In an acute period of stress, match the symptoms carefully to the best homeopathic medicine you can find. (use above list)
  3. Take one pellet as needed every few hours, as needed, until you feel a change.
  4. If no improvement, as always, contact your Homeopath or your Primary Health Care Provider.

We cannot avoid stress altogether living in the modern world. However, we can do our best to strengthen our shields so that we are not so susceptible. Homeopathy not only strengthens the bodies armor, it also has the capacity heals what is underneath in a very gentle, safe and effective way


Allison Maslan, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and The Director of The Homeopathic Wellness Center where she has been in private practice for 15 years. Allison is also the Founder of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, a three-year Classical Homeopathic Education certification program in San Diego, California.. She is Nationally Certified by the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification, accrediting organizations that are dedicated to maintaining high standards of homeopathic practice. Allison has published many articles and lectures nationwide on homeopathy and healing. 888-844-3550.

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