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Preparing Your Womb With Maya Massage For Your Next Baby

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 7 views
By Nicole Kruck, LMT.

Did you experience any complications trying to conceive your first child? How was your first pregnancy? Were there any complications during your process?

Many past problems can simply be addressed by receiving and learning a special Self Care massage called the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage that can go straight to the core causes. This self care modality can assure that a healthy womb will support not only your baby but create life long health.

Did you know that 80% of American women will have a uterus that is either tipped or out of proper alignment? Unfortunately where your uterus is placed can make a whole lot of difference (contrary to some doctors view). The uterus lies in the pelvis sandwiched between the bladder in front and the bowels behind. Although it has the ability of movement (for pregnancy) there is a specific area in the body where it resides.

When the ligaments that support the uterus lose elasticity this organ will shift out of its alignment. In a non pregnant state the uterus weighs between 4-8 ounces. When pregnant it can grow to around 16 pounds. Imagine the difference in the weight of a lemon and watermelon sitting on fine tubes (some the size of a stand of hair). It is as if you were to take a water hose and put a kink in it. Not all the water would be able to flow out (if any).

This same principal is true when the uterus or any organ shifts. Not only can the weight of a few extra ounces inhibit the flow of blood, hormones, nerve innervations and lymph. It also affects women on an energetic level blocking vital chi or meridians that bring us our natural life force. If a women uterus (her center of creation) is out of balance so will many other things in her life.

Another aspect is how we heal our past physical, emotional and spiritual experiences this massage can help greatly to affect our current and future experiences. For many women making a conscious decision to have more children can be a much easier experience by taking your health literally into your own hands.

Maya Abdominal massage can be a wonderful tool in helping to prepare your body in a gentle supportive way. Because the uterus needs to expand and move easily there are over 13 ligaments of support for this organ. However, though trauma and stress to the ligament they can begin to tear or lose elasticity. Just like the elastic in your waist band they sag and bring the uterus with them causing a shift or misalignment to its placement.  Fortunately these ligaments are able to regain strength and elasticity when given proper circulation by these massage techniques.

Used for centuries used by Traditional Midwives, local healers and grannies these simple techniques have been found all around the world. They are still practiced in many third world countries where surgery and other fancy techniques are not available to most women. Not until recently have these massage techniques been brought the U.S. and made available to the public. Most people find the massage very comforting and very easy to learn in one session. The best results are found in a patient taking the learned techniques and applying them at home on a regular basis.

When the womb is healthy and in proper position fertility is greatly enhanced. This is a much easier place to start preparing for pregnancy. Now with starting your prenatal vitamins, getting your body in shape you can also integrate Arvigo Abdominal Massage. This massage can also be performed after the first trimester in most circumstances.

copyright, Nicole Kruck,LMT.