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How Baby Yoga Can Help and Sometimes Eliminate Colic

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 4 views
by Heather Hernandez-Reja

If your baby cries uncontrollably, becomes red in the face, curls their legs to their stomachache as if in pain and any way to pacify him/her has been unsuccessful, than most likely your baby suffers from Colic. Colic is an intense abdominal pain experienced by babies about three weeks in age to about four months. No one really knows exactly why colic occurs and can stop as suddenly as it started.

Colic can be caused by many attributes such as overfeeding, constipation, diarrhea, and too much wind in the bowel, indigestion, underdeveloped intestinal track, immature nervous system, or spasm of the gut. Colic can become worse if your baby is tired or tense. Yoga can soothe colic symptoms and in some cases eliminate them completely by relieving tension throughout the body. You will notice a huge difference in your babies discomfort if you follow the steps below before and after every feeding.

Step 1: Start off laying your baby on a pillow on his/her back and massage in a clockwise pattern on the stomach around the belly button with the palm of your hand. Apply gentle pressing movements with the fingers in the same clockwise pattern around the belly button.

Step 2: Take the foot of your baby and with your thumb apply pressure in a clockwise pattern. Then stroke the crescent line separating the heel from the ball of each foot. Repeat with the other foot to assure balance. There are 7000 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot and when stimulated can have a positive effect on the entire nervous system and allow the body to become harmonized. This foot massage also improves the circulation of the blood; this in turn creates a detoxification and elimination of toxins which will assist in the colic and constipation. This massage also can have a positive effect on sleeping and teething.

Step 3: Hold your baby’s ankles with both hands and bring the soles of his/her feet together. Gently rotate the hips in a clockwise motion seven times and then anticlockwise motion five times. This will release gasses and tension pains.

Take your baby’s legs with your hand just below the knees; open the legs just slightly wider than the hips. Press the knees firmly on the sides of his abdomen just under his rib cage. Release the pressure, straighten the legs (as straight as they will go but do not use force to straighten them), and again press the knees firmly on the sides of his/her abdomen; repeat three or four times. Take your time and relax completely without lifting your hands. If your baby’s abdomen feels hard, repeat step one and try again later.

Step 4: Should your baby still show signs of discomfort and begins to cry uncontrollably throughout the day, try this soothing relaxed hold: Hold your baby face-down against your body, but facing outward. Swivel him sideways so that his spine stretches along your rib cage, without moving your safety hand (the hand going across his/her chest). If you are right-handed, your baby’s head is to your left and your left hand comes under his/her left arm and your arm across his/her chest. If you are left-handed, your baby’s head is to your right and your right hand comes under his/her right arm and your arm across his/her chest. Slide your other hand (the hand at his bottom) between your baby’s legs so that it rests on his stomach. Then gentlymassage his stomach as you walk around. This hold seems to ease the painful cramps by opening his/her chest and allowing him/her to spread out with his whole back against his ribs. The massaging of his/her stomach is soothing and you will probably hear digesting noises and gas.

I know it feels like Colic is forever and will never go away, but when it does disappear you will look back and think it was nothing at all.

Heather is the Founder and Instructor of Zen Baby Yoga; contact her at 760-683-4918 or simply book online at

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