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Getting Pregnant Naturally!

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 7 views

by Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM, LM
Mother of 4, Grandmother of Moira Elisabeth, Midwife to Many!

Getting pregnant is easy for some, hard for others, and unexpected for quite a few! Luckily before you get pregnant is probably the best time to start preparing for your baby.

When you make the choice to try to conceive, you can begin taking steps to ensure his or her healthy arrival. As you wait for conception to occur, focus on excellent nutrition for getting pregnant and taking good care of yourself.  A high protein diet, followed by pregnant women since the 1960s is an excellent beginning. Dr. Tom Brewer's Blue Ribbon Baby Diet, is utilized by pregnant women throughout the world and would be sufficient for helping you conceive, too. Go to for additional info.

You may be seeking natural ways to try to conceive your child. Many couples just dive right in and begin trying. Others will want to keep track of things from the beginning. You may want to chart your cycle from the moment you decide to try getting pregnant or you may decide to start after a couple of months of trying to conceive. A really good tea to start drinking any time you are "thinking about getting pregnant," is Fertili-Tea.

You may also have been charting to avoid pregnancy and are now excited to begin charting to achieve! You have most likely been charting your basal body temperature and your cervical fluid, also called cervical mucous. Also consider charting changes to your cervix. These signs help you determine when the best time for you to try getting pregnant occurs each month!

Are you searching for a solution to make charting easier? Consider a computer program to do it for you! Read about one woman's of Ovusoft below.

Most midwives and physicians agree that you should try to conceive for at least six months before you begin to consider any kind of treatment for infertility. Charting during these six months can be valuable if you do decide you want outside help later on. You can also use an ovulation test or a fertility monitor while you chart to help you time intercourse.

Stock up on pregnancy tests. Go to for a wide variety of tests. You will probably want to have several on hand as you focus on getting pregnant. You won't have to race to the store every month and you won't have to worry about getting another test if you think that your test has shown a false negative.

Getting pregnant can take a few months, but the waiting time is often a good thing. Be sure that you focus on a naturally healthy diet and lifestlye as you begin to focus on getting pregnant! Then you will be as healthy as you possibly can be when you do conceive Smile


Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM, LM is a licensed midwife in Southern California. She provide pre-conception and nutritional counseling as part of her midwifery practice. Her office is located in the AquaNatal Birth Center, 
Chino, CA 


Kristen's update - I used Ovusoft to track fertility for 16 cycles. My cycles were somewhat regular but I had a really short luteal phase and I ovulated very late. Studies have shown both factors can make conception harder. I started trying some natural methods for improving my cycles (a fertility supplement and dietary changes) and using Ovusoft to keep track. Over several months my cycles improved and became very regular with ovulation between days 13-15 most months! My luteal phase was also a healthy 14-15 days.

During this time of improving my own cycles and health I used Ovusoft to pinpoint ovulation each cycle (and Ovusoft helped me notice one anovulatory cycle).

When we decided to TTC (try to conceive) I took the knowledge I'd built using Ovusoft, and of course the software itself. Ovusoft predicted a range of dates for me to become fertile, and as I input my fertility information for that month it picked out the perfect dates for us to try for a baby. I figured my ovulation date based on fertility signs and Ovusoft agreed with me. We'd hit my ovulation date right on. 10 days later I got a postive pregnancy test. And after 18 days of high temperatures Ovusoft flagged my cycles as pregnant and predicted my due date (based on my own ovulation day!)

Needless to say I'm thrilled. Thrilled to be pregnant and very pleased with the software. I'll be using it again once our new baby is born.

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