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Brave Parenting: Your Baby's Health is in Your Hands

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 2 views
by Karen Whaley
Babies Health Naturally
Brave Parenting


Babies and health go hand in hand. A brand new little life with a vibrant, untainted immune system. As parents, we have the opportunity to take advantage of that healthy start by providing baby with every opportunity to keep that immune system strong. It should be easy, but in today’s world it is a never ending battle against chemicals, poor nutrition and misinformation that slowly starts to degrade the perfect immune system and sets your infant up for unnecessary illnesses.

My son is two years old and he has never had an ear infection. As a baby, he rarely lost a meal to spit-up. He has never been on antibiotics or received any over-the-counter medications. He almost never gets diaper rash and when he does it is gone within a day or less. When he gets a common cold it is mild and he is over it within a day. He is smart and beautiful and loves to smile. This is how it should be!

Most parents just accept that it is “normal” for a baby to have constant ear infections and diaper rash and spit up after every single meal. We think nothing of it when the doctor injects a newborn with foreign substances. If the doctor said it’s necessary then it must be, right? In the most extreme cases, we just accept that there is nothing we can do to prevent childhood diseases like leukemia and asthma.

I would like to introduce you to the idea that you do have control. You have the ability to educate yourself and make informed choices about so many things that affect your babies and their health. Do not make the terrible mistake of relying on a doctor or a government agency to protect you and your baby because it won’t happen.

I was blessed to have become a mother for the first time at the age of 36. I was young enough to be healthy yet mature enough to be educated and independent minded. I looked around me and saw so much illness and suffering, cancer and drugs, I knew that this was not normal! I did my homework, I researched, I learned and I made an informed decision about my son’s health.

  •  - I am not afraid of a fever- because I am educated.
  •  - I know the most important factor in supporting 80% of his immune system-because I am educated.
  •  - I know how to stimulate his brain to form neurons-because I am educated.
  •  - I know the truth about how to prevent SIDS-because I am educated.
  •  - I trust Mother Nature-because I am educated.

Parents please never take your baby’s health for granted.

We should never assume that a baby will be born healthy whether we take our prenatal vitamins or not. We should never trust that our child will glide through life with no lasting effects from the pesticides in their fruit and the chemicals in their snacks. We know all too well that innocent children suffer from lead poisoning, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, cancer all of which can be prevented if only we were proactive about educating ourselves and taking control of our childrens’ health instead of blindly handing it over to the food manufacturers and a doctor that has been educated by the pharmaceutical industry.

Your baby’s health is in your hands. The choices you make will affect your babies health for the rest of their lives. I challenge you to open your eyes, research and educate yourself and then decide how to keep your baby healthy. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t trust me, don’t trust your doctor, don’t trust the government or the pharmaceutical industry, trust your heart and your educated mind. Don’t sit idly by and assume that your babies will be healthy no matter what you feed them or expose them to. That is the ultimate sin of the parent – taking your child’s health for granted.

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