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A Connected Pregnancy and Gentle Birth Using EFT

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 12 views

Are thoughts and fears distracting you from having a positive relationship to your

pregnancy and upcoming birth?


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great tool to use to overcome these fears and change your thoughts.  Below you will find a Gentle Birth with Emotional Freedom Technique Workbook, a Gentle Birth Affirmations Relaxation Audio, and for those of you interested in more information on EFT forPregnancy and Birth, a Comprehensive Intro to EFT E-Book "EFT for Pregnancy and Birth".

These PDFs come with detailed descriptions, pictures and images to assist you in point location, and suggested affirmations.

Read, Practice, and Enjoy!  Thank you Monika Benoit of for sharing these great resources, and best of luck to you in your upcoming birth!!!

Gentle Birth with Emotional Freedom Technique Workbook PDF

For most women, pregnancy is an especially emotional time, and though it may seem easy enough to temporarily sweep certain issues “under the rug” - lingering insecurities and anxieties often have a way of surfacing as pain during labor and and complications during birth. As an emotional healing technique, EFT is well known for its ability to facilitate the release of negative emotions, and it can be immensely useful to use EFT to explore and neutralize your most troubling thoughts, doubts and fears, prior to labor and birth.  Using EFT to further reinforce positive imagery of how you visualize your ideal birth will allow you to approach your upcoming birth with confidence and ease...

View PDF Attached

Gentle Birth Affirmations Relaxation Audio:

Comprehensive Intro to EFT E-Book "EFT for Pregnancy and Birth"

This guide will show you how to apply EFT effectively. EFT can help you value, explore, and transform your emotional reality – the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions you carry with you. This, in turn, can assist you during every stage of your parenting journey: getting pregnant, enjoying a healthy pregnancy, giving birth comfortably and taking in the wonders of parenthood while staying calm, clear-thinking and relaxed. You can apply EFT to yourself as
soon as you finish the reading this guide.

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EFT for Pregnancy and Birthing.pdf (1.5 Mb, 6496 views)
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