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Children - Healing with Homeopathy

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views
by Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom (UK)


Children can benefit greatly from homeopathy. (This information applies to adolescents and adults as well.) Whether it is concerns about focusing and attending to school work; behavioral difficulties; frequent colds, earaches, headaches, coughs, stomachaches or fever; eczema or other skin eruptions; allergies; or asthma, homeopathy can be very helpful. Parents may not always want to put their child on a continual dosage of prescription medicine, whether it is antibiotics, an inhaler, Prozac or Ritalin, for example. And if they do, they may find that their child really is not doing much better.

The treatment of homeopathy focuses on the healing of the individual. Two children who have asthmatic symptoms may come to see a homeopath, complaining about coughing or difficulty breathing. Each child will be given a different homeopathic remedy, because each child experiences what bothers them differently and unique to them. The homeopath's job is to understand what it is like for the child or the individual to have whatever it is that bothers them.

Through the understanding of what bothers the person, the homeopath then can select a homeopathic remedy that is most similar to what the person is experiencing. This is the main principle of homeopathy:Like Cures Like or The Law of Similars. (Western medicine is based on the Law of Opposites.)The homeopathic remedy stimulates the person's own healing process. In a deep healing with homeopathy, the complaint that brought the person to homeopathy is better, as well as having a grater sense of well being - eating better, sleeping better, and handling the ups and downs of life in a more constructive and positive way. The whole person is better.


There are over 5000 homeopathic remedies. They are made from any substance that we have on the earth - plants, minerals, and animals. To make a homeopathic remedy, a substance goes through a potentization process of dilution and successions (shaking vigorously) many times, creating the potency or strength of the remedy. At the 12C potency, theres is nothing left of the original substance from which the remedy is made; it is the energetic pattern of that substance. The remedy stimulates the person's own healing process. Homeopathic remedies are safe, effective, have no side effects, and are gentle in their healing. They can be used for all ages.

JOE(not his real name)
Joe is an 8 year old boy who I saw several years ago. When Joe was playing baseball, he would experience the need to cough when he stopped running. He said, "It is weird to have so much mucus in my throat. Coughing gets more mucus. I stop coughing, and the mucus goes away." (This is the complaint that bothered him the most.)

Joe's mother had taken him to the doctor, and it was suggested that Joe use an inhaler. Joe's mother did not want to do that. She had used homeopathy before, and wanted to see how homeopathy could help Joe.

During our consultation, Joe also talked about being scared at night when hearing noises in the house. "There could be burglars. If I knew what it was, it wouldn't be so scary. You can get taken. I would have to scream and kick around. The person doing that would not like it." At night, Joe would continually get out of bed to ask his mother what the sounds were and when was his father coming home. His mother would give an explanation, but Joe would soon be back asking his mom the same questions again.

His mother described Joe as needing a lot of reassurance, and being very cautious. He checks first with an adult, and then does whatever he was going to do. He doesn't answer the phone because it might be someone he doesn't know. Joe gets extremely carsick when riding in a car. He is sensitive to the heat: his head and stomach hurt, he feels dizzy, and he throws up. He also is very upset when friends pretend that they are going to hit him and then stop. "It is unfair and mean." To him, it is a huge thing. He can't let it go.

After taking the homeopathic remedy, Natrum muriaticum 200C (made from the substance of table salt), Joe no longer experienced the coughing and the sensation of mucus in his throat. In fact, when visiting the doctor after the first dose of the remedy, the doctor could no longer hear anything in Joe's lungs. Joe was able to fall asleep easier and did not need to ask his mother so many questions at night. He was no longer carsick when the family took car trips. And when Joe and his family were vacationing in Hawaii, each morning of their stay there, Joe went up to the front desk of the hotel and asked for the sports sections of the newspaper.

Joe had three doses of the remedy, space about 3 months apart during the first year that I saw him. When he started playing baseball again a year later, the coughing did not return. He never did use the inhaler. I have seen him about once a year, when his mom thinks he is not doing as well, and he has needed a dose of the remedy at that time.


This is what we want to see in a healing. In addition, to Joe's complaint of coughing being better (which brought him to homeopathy), Joe was experiencing less limitations in his life. Joe was more involved in life. He could be a boy and not be filled with worries.

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