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Babywearing: Good for Baby, Good for You

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 3 views
By Megumi Burr, Compassion Tree Mama Care Services
Doula Services, Mama Walks

Babywearing means carrying your baby next to your body in a carrier throughout the day. It offers many, many benefits, including healthy neurological development for baby, a more secure relationship, and empowering parents to provide attentive care while giving them more freedom.

  • Babies who are carried throughout the day have been found to cry less, have less colic, and be more content.
  • Constant, varied movement and physical contact stimulates brain development, and involvement in your activities helps baby learn about the world.
  • When baby is close, it's easy for you to respond to early crying sounds, and even pre-crying noises. You get more opportunity to learn baby's subtle signals, and baby becomes confident that his or her needs will be met when they are communicated pleasantly.
  • A cloth baby carrier can be much more convenient and portable than a carseat or stroller.
  • Babies in carriers can often breastfeed without changing position, and even without others nearby being aware that they are nursing.

Learn more about babywearing and connect to local resources:

And for some fun:

If you like the idea of babywearing, try it! It's fine to start with a couple hours at a time - while on an outing, around the house, or if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, at one of my Mama Walks ( Wink. As you gain comfort, increase your babywearing time. You'll join the many happy, healthy babywearing mamas and babies around the world!

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