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How To Increase Your Milk Supply

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 2 views
by Michelle Alva, PT, CIIM

We need love hormone to birth, heal, grow, bond and breastfeed. Breast feeding requires the neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin. Nature is so wise that it created feeding time to also be a time for mother and baby to strengthen their bond, heal, grow and increase experience pleasure.

Our bodies are naturally designed to produce an ideal nutritional supply for our babies through breastfeeding. A mother who is in a calm and centered mental and physical state will most likely produce adequate amounts of milk for her baby. New mothers who experience anxiety, depression, a traumatic birth experience or is under chronic stress during and after pregnancy may experience difficulty producing an adequate supply of breast milk due to the higher levels of stress hormone called cortisol.

The following 4 exercises stimulate the release of oxytocin and prolactin, two hormones needed to produce an adequate supply of “love-filled” breast milk.

4 Exercises To Increase Milk Flow while Breastfeeding.

1.  Conscious, Diaphragmatic Breaths.

      Inhale through the nose a long and slow conscious breath. Expand your chest, abdomen and ribs. Feel your diaphragm move inside your body. It is at the level of where your ribs and abdomen meet. This muscle causes us to release stress, repressed emotions and to feel more centered and calm.

2.  Feeling grateful and loving.

      Allow gratitude to swell in your heart and chest for being you. Feel grateful for being a mother, for your child. Take a moment to give thanks and appreciate your life just as it is. When you have an attitude of gratitude your nervous system relaxes and you feel more love and “in the zone”. Notice how this effects your flow !

3.  Physical closeness, skin to skin contact.

      Position your baby as often as possible with skin to skin contact. This is most beneficial because touch, massage and physical closeness stimulates the release of breast milk. Carry your baby as often as possible instead of using a stroller. The physical closeness throughout the day ensures you have a healthy milk supply.

4.  Infant Massage.

      Practice infant massage at least once per day, gentle rhythmical strokes over your baby’s back, legs or feet. This can be done while carrying your baby. The rhythmical movements massage calm both you and your baby to help increase your milk supply. Refer to the book Infant Massage by Vimala Schneider Mc Clure for details.

Try these exercises daily and notice the benefits for you and your infant. May your lives be filled with love, gratitude and plenty of flow.

Michelle Alva is a licensed physical therapist, infant massage instructor, yoga therapist, energy healer and belly dance teacher with 17 years experience. She created A Touch Of Love Infant Massage Program to educate and empower parents on the importance of conscious communication and bonding through touch and massage. She has recently released a CD of guided meditations called Free Yourself: Guided Meditations To Relax, Release, Heal and Energize. Visit Michelle Alva at .

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