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What to expect from HypnoBirthing

Posted on January 25th, 2013 by | 5 views
by Kate Sullivan-Berg, HBCE

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, teaches women and there partners to deeply relax about their birth. Women are made to give birth, their bodies open and gently birth without any need for stress or anxiety. We should breath with each surge and know that each surge is a gift bringing us closer to our babies.

HypnoBirthing changes family’s perspective about birth, by using positive language- changing contractions to surges, we tell women not to push but to breath her baby down, we tell women to let go of fears and only listen to happy baby stories. HypnoBirthing is taught over a series of 5 classes, each one deepening the families ability to relax, by the end of the class a 45 minute self-hypnosis session will feel like 10 minutes. We teach women to listen to their bodies, expanding there lungs with each deep breath and focus on washing away stress and anxiety. The idea is that when a woman walks into their birthing room with no idea how to birth, she is scared and overwhelmed, stalling her pregnancy resulting in Failure to Progress, but the body is feeling Fear Tension Pain. The mother wants to protect her baby and stops her labor because she is unsure, and is not safe in her mind, we prepare the mind for the birth so that the body can open up and have beautiful joyful birth. We prepare the partner to be able to relieve stress, in the jaw, the shoulders or the hands, we teach them to be aware and helpful, we empower the partner to speak softly to the mother and speak thoughtfully to the doctor, we teach the partner how to set the tone of the room to make it feel warm and safe so that the mother can birth in comfort and stay calm. HypnoBirthing is for every mom, whether you are high risk or having your second natural homebirth, because overall it teaches families to make informed decisions about there bodies and babies. And if we can listen to our bodies while we are pregnant, then we can use the same calming tools to gently lull our baby to sleep.

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