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Alexander Technique Birth Stories - An E-Book

Posted on January 25th, 2013 by | 4 views

by Ilana Machover
Copyright 2000 by Ilana Machover
To learn more about Ilana Machover, her accomplishments and her qualifications, click here.

Since the early 1980s I have been a childbirth educator as well as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Combining these two activities, I hold special courses for individuals, couples and small groups, in which I adapt the AT to the particular needs of pregnancy and childbirth. This method, which I have called Eutokia, is described and explained in The Alexander Technique Birth Book.1 I have also trained other AT teachers to conduct similar classes as well as to serve as birth companions.

Over the years I have received hundreds of letters and birth stories in which women report their experiences. Most of these were written by my students, but some were forwarded to me by other AT teachers. I present here a selection of these reports. They cannot possibly cover all the myriad eventualities that may occur during labour, nor do they describe all the uses that can be made of the AT in childbirth. Rather, they highlight the main ways in which the AT can be so applied. Also, I believe that you will find them a good read, especially if you are expecting a baby.

I have aimed to preserve as far as possible the original form and individual style of each story, as written by the woman herself; so I have done very little editing. Each story emphasizes certain aspects of the AT and its use in childbirth, as seen by the writer. In some of the stories the AT is hardly mentioned explicitly, but the role it played is nevertheless quite evident.

Read More of this birth stories e book here.

ATBSRO.PDF (853.98 kb, 778 views)
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