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What is a Baby Planner?

Posted on February 28th, 2013 by | 5 views

A baby planner is a maternity consultant who meets with expecting or new families to provide support, education, and resources in a non-biased fashion. They tailor their services to suit their client’s specific lifestyle needs and help them determine the types of services and products that are essential throughout their journey towards parenthood.

A baby planner is also committed to empowering their client’s by showing them all their many options during pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond. This includes the various options for birthing, co-sleeping, health, fitness, nutrition, going-green, safety, budgeting, product navigation, baby shower preparation, baby registries, and much more.

A baby planner can also be seen as a matchmaker, an educator, and a coordinator. As a matchmaker, a baby planner matches their clients with the most suitable services and products to meet their needs. As an educator, a baby planner educates their clients on the functions and differences between various services and products in order to make the best decisions. As a coordinator, a baby planner may organize special events such as baby showers, baby moons, or retreats.

What is a baby planner’s scope of practice?

The role of a baby planner is to empower clients by offering support and education in a non-biased fashion that is tailored for meeting the unique needs of each individual family during preconception, pregnancy and beyond. A Baby Planner is committed to advising their clients of all their options so that they may make informed decisions. A baby planner also offers consultations with general knowledge relating to all aspects of pregnancy and newborn care. This includes a wealth of service and product knowledge as well as expertise in specific areas.

A baby planner does not diagnose, treat, examine or medically advise their clients. Unless a baby planner holds an additional license or certification in a specific area of practice, a baby planner does not prescribe or attempt to perform for a client additional services that require advanced training. Some examples include: exercise programs/plans, diets or nutritional programs, baby proofing, car seat inspection, therapy, pre/post natal massage, pre/post natal yoga/pilates, personal training, doula services, midwifery, cpr, etc.

What kinds of decisions do baby planners help their clients make?

A new and expectant parent has many decisions to make and most often they can feel overwhelmed and confused about what is most suitable to meet their unique needs. Some of these questions include : Who should deliver my baby, a midwife or Ob-gyn? What questions should I ask my care provider? Is a homebirth safe? What about a waterbirth? Where should I have my baby? If I had a cesarean and want to have a vbac for my second pregnancy, can I do it without complications? Which is the best exercise program for me: yoga, pilates, personal training? Which childbirth class is best for me, Bradley,Lamaze, Hypnobirthing? Am I eating right? How long should I breastfeed? What is the best way to prepare a baby safe environment? Should I go green? How do I choose the best child care? Do I need adoula? Which products are the most safe for me and my baby? How do I deal with problematic sleeping? What is the best way to lose post pregnancy weight? Does it really matter which car seat or stroller I choose? 

Who would need a baby planner?

Expecting parents who are both working full-time jobs and do not have the extra time or energy to fully prepare for their new arrival, moms on bed rest, expecting moms who do not have extended family close by, moms who are returning back to work early, making it hard to cope with the many discomforts of post pregnancy including leaving their babies, new moms and dads who find themselves tired, stressed, limited on time, and spending more money than necessary. 

How does a Baby Planner know so much?

Baby Planners are accredited by the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals. The rigorous certification course tests Planners on their knowledge and expertise in the field, including fertility, birthing options and preparation, going green, sleep, breastfeeding, child safety, child care, fitness, nutrition,postpartum care, product knowledge, business, marketing, sales, liability and more. Baby Planners stay informed of the most recent research on development, health, and safety, including product recalls. Their goal is to support and educate parents and parents-to-be. A Baby Planners’ goal is always to guide and empower families. The final decision is always the client’s! 

Where and How do I Find A Baby Planner for Me?

Each Baby Planner brings his or her own prior knowledge and area of expertise, with backgrounds including health, nutrition, fitness, yoga, or experience as a birth or postpartum doula, lactation consultant or event planner. That diversity of experience is what makes each Baby Planner unique, a professional with the skills and knowledge you need.

For more information about Baby Planners, and how having one can benefit you, read our Baby Planner Articles, browse through our Blog, or ask a question in our Forum.

To find a baby planner near you, visit our Directory of Baby Planners. If you cannot find a baby planner for you on this website, the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals ( hosts a directory of certified Baby Planners in your area.


Mary Oscategui, CBP [IABPP] is a baby planning expert and business consultant who specializes in maternal health, fitness, and going green. She is founder of and The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals, ( Her mission is to empower, educate, and support expectant and new parents throughout their journey so that they may confidently make the best decisions for themselves and their baby in the most objective, healthy, safe way; and on their terms.

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