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Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment Before and During Pregnancy

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views
by Willow Buckley

Many people are familiar with homeopathic remedies readily available in health food stores (Jimbo's, Henry's) and their use for treating symptomatic conditions. For example, a bee sting may necessitate the remedy of Apis to swiftly alleviate burning pain, redness and swelling, or a big fall can benefit from a timely dosage of Arnica to reduce subsequent soreness and discoloration. This direct application of a homeopathic remedy is known as acute prescribing. The remedy Ipecacuanha, for instance, is given when morning sickness is accompanied by specific symptoms like nausea persists all day, vomiting fails to bring relief, and worse from lying down. Acute remedies play an unquestionably important role in pregnancy care, however, going beyond the symptoms, getting to the root of a deeper series of issues requires a constitutional remedy.

Constitutional homeopathy affects the body on multiple levels because it treats the unique inner imbalance of your system. We all experience the world differently, and few woman, if any, have identical pregnancies and births. In fact, women who have more than one child will tell you that each pregnancy and birth was its own experience. The inner imbalance expresses itself in these differences and it requires an individual assessment to determine the remedy that is right for each particular person. These imbalance can be seen in the secondary reactions we experience in our lives and are heightened during stressful times. The rapid changes taking place during the process of pregnancy can be such a stress that heightens our physical, mental and emotional reactions.

While driving on the freeway and someone cuts you off, you may react in a number of ways; tighten up, become more alert, stomach drops into a sinking feeling, grip the wheel and get angry, experience shock or fear. These varied reactions are completely normal and usually a coordinated product of your nervous system. However, what secondary reactions are spawned from these initial ones? Do you feel and act on the urge to speed up and cut this person off in return? Do you fearfully exit the freeway and lament that this always happens to you? Is your stomach and body tight the rest of the day, or even week? Are you left in a shocked state of mind well after the incident has passed? This is just one example of how secondary reactions can manifest and carry with us beyond the situation itself. When pregnant, long lasting secondary reactions can add stress to the body and the baby. Constitutional homeopathy allows the body the initial response but tones down or dissipates the intensity of in-proportionate reactions and lowers stress levels, one of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Constitutional treatment even before conception can be of value for many reasons, but I find the most significant use is to help woman curtail or end pharmaceutical dependency. With the right homeopathic remedy a person can end their daily use of pharmaceuticals (anti depressants, anti anxiety, ADD medications, pain medications, etc) and achieve long lasting or permanent relief. In my own practice, I have seen women who wish to discontinue ADD medication or antidepressants during pregnancy but are scared to quit cold turkey. Homeopathy was their replacement. The positive effects experienced on their remedy allowed them to safely ween off their dependency and confidently choose to end pharmaceutical use.

Constitutional treatment strengthens the immune system, alleviates other physical symptoms, and balances your emotional and mental sphere. By treating the whole person, homeopathy creates a healthy foundation in the body and nurtures the beautiful process of pregnancy and the changes it brings. Once you are on a constitutional remedy acute homeopathy may be used during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum to a greater effect, if needed at all.

A constitutional remedy requires an in depth consultation with an experienced homeopath and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. A consultation may take 1-3 hours and possibly more than one visit. Utilize such websites as NBP to find a homeopath near you.

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