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What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Posted on February 28th, 2013 by | 6 views

Here's to Your Emotional Freedom...

Many health issues today are brought on by stress, fear, and other psychological and emotional imbalances. Fertility especially is very sensitive to our emotional wellbeing. Even the birth process can be stalled, hindered, or negatively affected in other ways by such issues as past trauma, fear (even of seemingly unknown origins),anxiety, and the like. For those suffering from these and similar issues, Emotional Freedom Technique can be highly beneficial and psychologically transforming.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a technique that works with one’s psychological energy. Based on the same theories as acupuncture, and utilizing a handful of acupuncture points located on the hands, torso, and face, EFT balances the energies within the body’s meridians in order to affect the brain’s chemistry. These points are stimulated not with needles, but by tapping of the finger-tips. This tapping can actually cause a release of serotonin in the brain and balanced cortisol levels. The tapping is paired with verbal statements that are meant to bring the issue needing to be addressed to the forefront of the mind. The process of verbalizing these statements causes the patient to recall any related trauma, event, or reason for the resulting emotional issue so that the underlying causes can be fully addressed, assessed objectively, and reprocessed. The goal with EFT is not to erase the emotions related to these issues or memories, but to fully address them, clear the trauma associated with them, and change their emotional ‘charge.’ This change allows the patient to then be able to think about what has happened to them in the past with the intellect, instinct, and intuition of the present.

Why EFT for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum, and Baby?

Women can be severely affected by emotions and traumatic events, even without knowing it or fully understanding why. The resulting effects can cause problems with becoming pregnant, retaining apregnancy, giving birth or allowing the process of birth to occur naturally, even when recovering from birth or bonding with a new baby. Practicing EFT can provide an opportunity for these women to uncover the root cause of what is going on internally, and gives them a chance to effectively address and resolve each of their issues.

There are no side effects with EFT, therefore it can safely be done with babies, children, and duringpregnancy. Some practitioners do specialize in these areas, although any general practitioner can help with most issues. Consultations can be done over the phone, with the practitioner guiding the patient to the right point locations for tapping and leading them through each verbal statement. Once learned, EFT can even be self-administered along with a pre-recorded audio made specifically for that person. If an issue does not resolve on its own with self-administration of EFT, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced practitioner.

To find an EFT practitioner near you, visit our Directory of EFT Practitioners.


The information on this page was provided by AnnaMaria Herrera, who has been in the holistic health care field since 1991. Her background is in Classical Homeopathy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Through her workshops, products, and in her private practice AnaMaria teaches her participants and clients how to use EFT to resolve their conditions and reach their goals. She also is the director of Practice Building and is devoted to teaching Holistic Practitioners how to consistently attract clients, build a thriving practice and make more money doing what they love.

To get free resources on these topics, please visit her websites:

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