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What is Healing Touch?

Posted on February 28th, 2013 by | 3 views

The Benefits of Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an evidence-based energy therapy practiced often in health care settings around the world and growing in popularity. Many people are benefiting from Healing Touch, whether it is by reducing stress, preparing for surgery, or dealing with cancer. Started in 1989 by Janet Mentgen, a holistic nurse, Healing Touch is an accepted form of therapy practiced by doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners, and taught by respected hospitals and institutions. Healing Touch can be powerful, non-invasive, and side-effect free to aid with many health conditions, which is why it is also a great healing modality to be familiar with during pregnancy and when caring for your baby.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy, focusing on the energetic field around the body. By using light touch on or above the joints and body, and a combination of over fifty different techniques, a Healing Touch practitioner works with a person’s energy field to clear, energize and balance their energetic systems and connections in order to affect their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Just as the planet’s atmosphere can accumulate pollution and waste, so can our bodies’ energy field. Negative influences on our health such as stress, poor eating habits, and unresolved emotions can leave an impact on the energy and space surrounding us, and can prevent or slow the body’s natural abilities to heal and balance. Healing Touch can clear, balance, and move this energy, adding to improved body function, pain reduction, and an increased sense of well-being.

Healing Touch for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Baby

One of the main contributing factors to fertility issues is stress. Negative past experiences or trauma can also contribute to fertility problems. Because Healing Touch works on all levels of our being, including mental, emotional, and spiritual, it can assist in the healing processes necessary to overcome these factors. Studies have proven that Healing Touch decreases pain and stress and increases sense of well-being. A decrease in stress can result in improved immunity, decreased blood pressure, and improved sleep, thereby restoring natural healing of the body. Healing Touch can help pregnant women with the physical strain and sore muscles that often accompany pregnancy, swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs, and can also help them prepare for birth. Some of the techniques a Healing Touch practitioner uses can easily be taught to a pregnant woman’s birth partner for use during birth, and to help decrease anxiety, fear, tension, and pain.

Babies and children respond very well to Healing Touch, which has been useful in the treatment of colic, digestive issues, trauma, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other problems and behavioral issues. Healing Touch is even utilized in Neonatal Intensive Care Units to help improve the outcomes of sick and premature babies, and to provide them with the attention, love, and care that they need during their first days in the outside world.

To find a Healing Touch practitioner in your area, please visit our Directory of Practitioners.


The information on this page was summarized from an interview with Suzanne Weeks, CHTP, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in San Diego, CA.