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What is Hypnotherapy?

Posted on February 28th, 2013 by | 5 views

Hypnotherapy for Fertility, Childbirth, and More

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for dealing with complaints in pregnancy, easing the pain and fear associated with childbirth, and can even help couples struggling with infertility. In fact, studies have shown that hypnotherapy can double, if not triple, the statistics that doctors give for success in IVF. More and more women are turning to hypnotherapists, programs and classes to help them prepare for and go through labor, ease morning sickness, assist in turning a breech baby, balance hormone levels, lower blood pressure, increase milk supply, and deal with birth trauma, fear, andanxiety, among others.

Hypnotherapy Defined

So, what is hypnotherapy? The brain’s state of being can be measured in terms of brain waves. When we are asleep, the brain emits brain waves at a different rate than when we are actively thinking. The goal of the hypnotherapist is to get the brain into a relaxed and receptive state. It is in this state that the conscious brain can be bypassed to allow for direct access to the subconscious, where everything, including habits, emotions, and memories are stored and your bodily functions are controlled. When in this state of relaxation, the subconscious mind is most open to suggestion and change, and here the hypnotherapist and client work together to achieve their desired result. Keep in mind, though, that hypnotherapy can only work if the subject wants it to; they cannot be made to do or think anything they don’t want to.

Hypnotherapy works best with repetition and practice. When preparing for an event such as childbirth, programs and classes like those offered by HypnoBabies® and HypnoBirthing® instructors can be extremely helpful. These programs consist of more than just hypnosis. They teach women about how their bodies work in birth, how to trust in their bodies and babies for birth, how to relax, visualize and breathe in order to get rid of fear, release tension, and therefore, ease pain.

Is It Safe?

Everyone experiences a state of hypnosis daily; it is completely natural and safe. Hypnotherapists claim that the only side effects of hypnotherapy, no matter what it is for, are better sleep, improved memory, and increased concentration.

Find a Hypnotherapist

To find a HypnoBabies® or HypnoBirthing® instructor, or a hypnotherapist who is specially trained in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, birth, and post-partum healing, visit our Directory; be sure to look under both Hypnotherapists and Childbirth Educators as you are considering the right practitioner for your needs.


The information on this page was provided by Jennifer Lindeman, a Certified Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® practitioner, and Fertility Hypnotherapist in the San Diego area. 

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