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What are Flower Essences?

Posted on February 28th, 2013 by | 7 views

Flower Remedies for Emotional & Behavioral Health 

Flower remedies (essences) is energy medicine.  They help us move back into balance.  We are constantly moved out of balance by something as simple as an argument or something as intense as as trauma.  It is the most profound, intense and beautiful healing I have ever worked with. 

What the flower remedies do is help to reverse the negative emotions and behaviors we hold on too.   They  change the negative thought patterns and negative behaviors that make us feel bad.  After being on a personal remedy blend, or just one remedy, you will start to think differently, believe differently, and behave differently; it just comes naturally!  It's not natural for us to think this way, it happens as there are always trauma and negative situations in our life, right?  The earth has given us everything we need to live - food, shelter, and of course, healing as well!

  • If you are fearful through pregnancy, there are remedies to help. 
  • If your children are throwing tantrums that can last 15 minutes - the right remedy will help to shorten the length, the intensity and eventually end.  (Yes, its true!)
  • I use them to help with bedwetting, communication, stuttering, anxiety, sadness, biting, etc.
  • If your child is fearful to start school, reach for a remedy.
  • If someone needs a dose of confidence or empowerment, reach for a remedy.
  • If your child has night terrors, reach for a remedy.   
  • Is your child so shy, he wont speak to anyone?  Reach for a remedy!

  • I have had fantastic results with PTSD and children on the spectrum...  

Do you feel overwhelmed with motherhood?  Feeling stuck and wish something in your life can change.  Want the commitment to lose some weight or reach other goals?   Reach for the remedies. 

  • SAFE             
  • NATURAL          
  • NON-TOXIC       

I fell into the remedies through my own trauma; they changed my life and I have been on a mission ever since!  My goal has become to seek out and find the best remedies for us.  I travel all over the world to find the best remedies that will heal us and allow us to achieve all we want and help our children do the same! 

TIME TO LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT!  BE HAPPY, ITS ONLY NATURAL! will share much more information, and don't forget to check out the testimonials!  You will be excited at what all the remedies will do for you!  There is also a remedy quiz to take that gives remedies you can purchase in your health food store. 

This article was written by Amy D. Cohen, BFRP.  Amy is a Flower Remedies Practitioner who focuses on emotional healing. Flower remedies help to reverse our negative thoughts and negative behaviors.   Amy is an accredited teacher for Australian Bush Flower Essences, teaching at colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada.  She studied homeopathy for three years with NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England and received certification from Bach Flower Education in NY, affiliated with Bach Centre in England. Amy Cohen is also a member of the Bach Flower Registered Practitioners worldwide. She is one of six registered practitioners in the State of New Jersey and there are approximately 115 Registered Bach Practitioners throughout the United States. Amy lectures and teaches  throughout the U.S.  She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide.


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