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Did You Say Pediatric Acupuncture?

Posted on March 7th, 2013 by | 16 views
By Adam Meyerowitz, L.Ac.

“Wow, I didn’t even know that existed,” is the reply I most often get when people find out I am a pediatric acupuncturist. Yes, that's right, a Pediatric Acupuncturist. To be fair though, the term “Pediatric Acupuncturist “ is somewhat misleading, because acupuncture is just one of the many unique and effective techniques of Chinese Medicine that can be used to treat children.

As it turns out, pediatrics has been an important part of Chinese Medicine since it began, between 2,000-4,000 years ago. In fact, pediatrics plays such a large part in Chinese Medicine theory that there are treatment protocols that exist from the moment of conception, all the way through gestation, birth, and beyond.

In Chinese Medicine we seek to help the body find its way back into balance and harmony. From this state of balance the body is able to heal and stay healthy. This balance is achieved though the various modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Besides Acupuncture, these modalities include Acupressure, Pediatric Massage, Shoni Shin, Gua Sha, and Herbal Medicine.

Pediatric Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny, sterile, disposable needles into various "Acu-Points" on the body. There are hundreds of points to choose from depending on the desired effect. In a pediatric acupuncture session the needles may only be retained for 15 minutes at most, and sometimes not at all.  At Ancient Ways Healing we use the smallest needles possible and an extremely gentle technique to make for a near imperceptible needle insertion. Acupuncture is generally used with children age 7 and up, although there may be times when it is appropriate for younger children as well.

Similar to Acupuncture, Acupressure and Pediatric Massage stimulate the body's acu-points, without the use of needles. Usually the hands and fingers are used to stimulate the points with a combination of static pressure and dynamic movement. Acupressure can be very useful for children that are too young, or too scared, for the needles. Acupressure is also something that can be done at home or on the go, so it’s great for parents and children to know!

Shoni Shin, is a combination of both acupressure and massage, with a wide variety of "tools" to use. These include copper, steel, stone, and sometimes even gold and silver miniature instruments to stimulate various acupuncture points and regions of the body. This is a particularly effective technique for young infants and toddlers, and even older kids who may not be ready for the needles yet.

Similar to Shoni Shin, Gua Sha involves the use of objects such as spoons and coins, or other specialized tools to lightly "scrape" areas of the body such as the back and chest. This gentle scraping creates some color on the skin but is an entirely painless experience. It is great for children of all ages to maintain health and boost immunity, as well as fight off colds and flus.

In conjunction with these modalities, or on its own, Herbal Medicine is another great option for kids. Often, it is hard for children to take medicine because of the taste or the smell, and this is even more so with herbs. Fortunately, at Ancient Ways Healing we can customize herbal formulas for your children in such a way that they can be made into powdered or liquid form. In this way, they can be placed in some water or milk, or even into food if need be, making it easy for children to take the herbs on a regular basis. All of the herbal formulas that we use have been tried and tested for thousands of years and are completely safe and effective for treating a wide variety of conditions.

On their own each of these modalities can be tremendously effective, and when combined, they offer an entire system of medicine to help your children stay healthy and well.

Now that you know a little bit more about how we treat, you are probably curious about what we treat. In short, the answer is almost everything. As TCM is an entire system of medicine it can be used to address most conditions from A to Z. Common pediatric conditions include:

  • Digestive disorders such as Nausea, Vomiting, Colic, Diarrhea, and Constipation
  • Pre & Post Vaccine treatments to strengthen the immune system
  • Skin issues such as Cradle Cap, Rashes, Itchiness, and Acne
  • Prevention and treatment of Colds and Flus
  • Respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughing
  • Recurrent Ear Infections, Sore Throats, T onsillitis
  • Bed Wetting, Insomnia
  • Restlessness, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD
  • And more.

Of course, this is just a brief introduction into the little known world of pediatric acupuncture.

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