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Conscious Conception

Posted on March 7th, 2013 by | 11 views

The possibility of becoming pregnant and serving as the vessel for a being to take birth here on Earth is something incredible that stirs our hearts and minds like nothing else can. Beyond science and religion this act of creation is a mystery we all have participated in. It is time now to restore honor and awe to this sacred process and come to new levels of wholeness and remembrance of our personal and collective divinity. For truly to take a human birth is a mystical magical miracle!

For anyone who is around children we can see that the ones coming are bright, awake and demanding of our being aware and present with them in return. It is from my interactions with these ones that I am inspired to support and create safe space to invite deeper inquiry and preparedness for birthing and becoming the parents and stewards of our future generations.

We become empowered to create the best possible potential situations for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting through education, inquiry and conscious choices. By engaging in this work we heal and create new possibilities for ourselves, our ancestors, our children, families, communities and world to live in joyful celebration of life.

Through conscious intentional effort we can prepare ourselves, our relationships and circumstances to be a magnetic invitation for the future children to enter our world with the most ease, comfort, love and welcome we can offer. Becoming more aware of the depth and magnitude of the birth process inspires us to call ourselves to the next level of action to heal, purify and ready ourselves for the ones coming.

Conscious conception, literally being consensually aware, at choice, knowing opportune times of fertility and saying Yes is just part of what I am referring to here. The greater scope of this movement toward conscious birth includes preparing ourselves on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By doing the good work to clear our own life traumas and patterns from childbirth through our own family and relationship issues we can avoid simply passing these things on or having our children be a way to heal and re-template ourselves. For example someone who does not have a good relationship or suffers from trauma with their mother, becomes a mother in order to do it different.  Or a man who can’t quite step into his fullness gets pregnant and now must get it together in order to provide.

It is common to see family patterns repeat, the good and less pleasant, until they are healed. So part of this work is to bring consciousness to those un-well, incomplete places in our family histories and ourselves before having children. This allows a fresh and new possibility for the one that is coming to be born to be free of the karmas/ patterns that came before them. By healing ourselves we can be open and whole with room for them to be wayshowers of what is next. Then by meeting the children with presence we the parents and community are called to grow and show up in new ways. This in turn leads to a collaborative relationship between parents and children, a mutual learning and teaching and growing. Hence a whole new paradigm of families supporting one another to be awake and present to what is and cultivating new skills for connecting.

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