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Birthing Power

Posted on April 20th, 2013 by | 18 views

The sacred power of childbirth has been a rite of passage for women since the beginning of time.  The magical wonder as a child grows in our womb, our body knowing exactly what it is doing and how it is done, without any thought.  The immense perfection of how we are designed to create this ultimate  expression of life and the great power that we as women hold. We should be honored to be gifted with this great opportunity.  The opportunity to know the full force of what it means to be a creatrix, the opportunity to connect with our own bodies in a unique way, and the opportunity to transition through the spiritual initiation of childbirth and into motherhood.

We stand at the threshold, in our current paradigm, where there is a great divide between those who are working to preserve the natural experience of childbirth and those who choose the route of medical intervention.  It is here that we have to look at the deeper more cryptic , or root source, of this prevalent dilemma,  How do we value ourself and our innate power of what it means to be a women.  There is still a  great divide of the feminine and masculine energy and how do we reclaim the balance of the two.

For a couple millennia we have fallen upon a time where women has been placed in the throws of lack of power.  She has been devalued, violated, and cast aside as a lesser person.  Slowly over the past century we have climbed the ladder in demand of equal rights, the freedom of choice, and the right to be treated with respect.  Only now, we are falling short of the basic human right to declare an even deeper level of power in the birthing rooms.

Childbirth is our initiation into higher states of consciousness. A spiritual rite of passage as well as a physical one.  We are pulled deeply into an amniotic state where nothing else around you is visible and at the same time you can see, sense, and become one with everything.  It launches you into an expansiveness of being that most men will never obtain.   You initiate into one with your body, heart and soul, and the body, heart and soul of your baby. We ride the wave of each surge of energy that pulses through our body, breathing deeply in communion with the universe.   A blending and merging in what I call Birth Tantra, or sacred union. In an uninterrupted labor we are the Avatar.  Here we find power. Here we find empowerment. 

We as women have a choice.  We can choose to have an epidural.  We can choose to have a cesarian.  But in doing so we are robbing ourselves of the incredible initiation that happens and the depth of power we embody by choosing the natural way.  We remove ourselves from the process, we numb our bodies and our babies, we interrupt the bodies innate knowledge of hormone release and disrupt the natural flow of nature.  We have become so disconnected from the truth and from ourselves  in these choices that we are setting up road blocks in our battle for feminine empowerment.

Our bodies know how to conceive a baby, grow a baby, AND birth a baby.  Everything is set up perfectly.  We do have a choice.  We have the choice to step out of our fear.  Fear of the pain, fear of the unknown, fear of our own power, and allow the natural birth initiation to flood our sense of self and raise us back into our rightful place of empowered and embodied feminine energy.  It is time to birth your power!

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