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Posted on September 17th, 2013 by | 13 views

Daily self care just got easier. I'm passionate about helping women feel nourished, balanced and healthy at every stage and age of their lives. Which is why I’m thrilled to empower all women with the techniques found in the MELT Method, a breakthrough self-treatment practice that can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day. No more excuses for not taking care of YOU! Wink

What is the MELT Method?

The MELT Method is a self-treatment technique developed by New York manual therapist, Sue Hitzmann that restores your body back to balance and reverses many of the effects of aging, active living, repetitive postures and pregnancy.  MELT empowers you with easy-to-learn, hands-on techniques using a special soft body roller and small balls to help your body release tension and pain. PLUS you’ll boost your body’s ability to repair and restore, so other pesky ailments that pregnant women and new moms suffer from including joint compression, posture, digestion, sleep problems, stress and anxiety fall away.

The best part? This method can be done at-home or on the go, so if you can't get to class, no problem! You become your own expert hands-off body worker, so the ability to feel balanced and restored is literally at your finger tips. How empowering is that?

How “MELTing” can help you...

During pregnancy:

  • Reduces symptoms of heartburn, constipation, and acid reflux
  • Reduces hand and foot swelling
  • Provides a more restful night’s sleep by supporting your sleep cycle
  • Supports your body’s changing shape
  • Reduces neck and low back pain


  • Supports realignment and restoration of pelvic stability and positioning
  • Restores organ placement and good function, including digestive and elimination processes
  • Supports natural weight loss
  • Reduces neck and shoulder strain from breastfeeding and holding a baby
  • Improves the quality of unavoidable shortened sleep hours

And, if fitting back into your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans is a goal of yours, then note that MELTing smoothes the look of cellulite, beats midday fatigue and helps you feel better overall, so you'll feel more motivated to get active and back into your fitness routine. 

Try MELT once and you’ll feel results after the very first session. Do MELT every day and you’ll transform how you feel for life. Take a stand for your personal self care routine. Your body and your family will thank you for it! Wink

With love and inspiration,


Try a MELT class at Blossom Pilates & Soul with this exclusive offer:

2 for 1 MELT Classes for $15

$15 gets you a credit of 2 MELT classes. Either bring a friend or partner with you, or attend 2 MELT classes yourself! To redeem, call us at (858) 224 3577 and mention Natural Baby Pros

Debbie Lichter is a certified MELT Method Instructor, certified Pilates instructor and owner or Blossom Pilates & Soul in Hillcrest, San Diego. To learn more about upcoming MELT workshops, MELT classes and pilates classes, call (858) 224 3577 or [email protected]

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