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What is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by | 11 views

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a form of treatment that uses subtle touch by the practitioner which assists the body's natural healing mechanisms.   It does this by decreasing tension in tissues which allows blood and cerebral spinal fluid to move efficiently. When that happens the body is able to heal and align itself.  

Also the cranial bones are separate and they need to be freely moving just as other joints in the body move.  If they are restricted in that movement there will be problems for the person.  

Because the body is all connected, a restricted cranial bone can cause problems in other parts of the body too. This could be in an organ or muscle or joint even.  For example, if a child falls and hits his head he may perhaps end up with a bladder infection which appears for no apparent reason and does not respond well to medical treatment.  But when the cranial bones are released the infection clears.

Not only the cranium is treated though, the sacrum is a major area to work from and during the treatment areas of the body that need work will be adressed.  So if you have an ankle sprain, then the ankle will be worked on.  Treatment will address the areas that need the work.