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Infantile Colic...What is it ?

Posted on October 24th, 2013 by | 2 views

This is a very brief summary of infantile colic which I hope sheds a bit of light on the subject.

If your young baby cries a lot after a feed or other times and is inconsolable even with rocking and carrying them around he or she may have infantile colic.  What that means is generally they have a lot of wind in the tummy which creates pain.  Have you ever felt bloated with wind...its very painful.  A baby that burps well is generally a dream child.  One that doesn't burp so well can have trapped wind.  It is important to try and get a good burp out of baby right after the feed. Sometimes that can take a long time....maybe even half an hour.  There are also homeopathic remedies for bringing up the wind and some off the shelf products too.  I recommend mom drinks a cup of peppermint tea or put fennel seeds in a cup of hot water then drink that.  Also you can put 1/4 teaspoon of ginger in a cup of hot water and when it cools give baby a teaspoon of it. You can also give baby a teaspoon of the peppermint tea to help bring up a burp.   

What is causing the wind is another chapter in itself.  It is very often what mom is eating.  If it causes wind in adults it will also in babies.  So fried onions, beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, too much lettuce, sometimes brocolli need to be eliminated from mom's diet.   Chocolate and coffee can be an irritant too.  New mom's often crave chocolate so keep it to a minimum as this can help.  Some mom's can get away with one cup of coffee a day and others can't have any.  Baby will let you know.  There are more foods but let's start with these and see if that helps.  I will mention a couple rather important foods though... baby may be intolerant to dairy products...or wheat.  But best to try removing the above menitoned foods first and if that doesn't work try removing  the dairy for a few weeks.  And even better, seek help from a therapist who can guide  you so you are not driving yourself crazy deciding which foods to eliminate.  

Also, do not dress baby in clothes that are tight around the tummy.  That can create wind and it inhibits baby from moving as much.  Research shows that babies who wear blue jeans a lot roll over later than those who do not....sorry I don't have the research article info on that but you may find it online.  It makes sense to me though. They need clothing that is not restrictive and is comfortable.  

Another cause of colic is the nervous system in not working well. In particular the Vagus nerve can be irritated and this nerve among others will affect digestion through the gut. It can be irritated in the cranium where it leaves the head through cranial bones by imbalance of the bones, or anywhere on its descent through the body.  Getting babies body and head balanced after birth is very helpful not only to relieve colic, but it can help with feeding and sleeping problems too.

It also prevents future problems.  If you are aligned your body functions well.  If not then over time it starts to compensate and tries hard to not give problems but sooner or later it will be unable to compensate and problems will arise.  Babies are so healthy and have the best and fastest recouperative tissues so treatment at an early age is extremely beneficial.  Fix things before they become a problem.  As the saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  

So bringing a happy healthy baby in for a check with someone trained and experienced in assessing and naturally treating babies is a great idea.  Preventative treatment is just as wise as bringing in the unhappy crying colicy one.

I find that cranial sacral therapy works wonders for baby for many conditons and its so gentle and painless.