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Top Complaint Of Every Exhausted New Parent, “Our Baby Won't Sleep!”

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 by | 10 views

Many new parents and babies suffer nightly from a lack of sleep. Suffer no more! Parents find a natural solution that puts an end to all-nighters.  Just remember the letter "S". Your baby will be lulled to sleep by using the principles of the five S's, developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, who believes that many parents are under the mistaken impression that babies newborns need stillness and quiet to fall asleep, when they’re actually missing the movement and noise of the womb.

What are the 5 S's?

Swaddling is the first "S" to provide experiences similar to the womb. Tightly wrapping the baby, starting at the lower part of the body and working your way up, provides the baby with support and continuous touch which comforts and calms, enabling  baby to sleep.

Holding baby in the side/stomach position is the second "S."  This can help with the baby's digestion as well.  But beware, this technique should only be used with an awake baby! Never for sleeping!  

Swinging (the third "S") simulates the motion within the mother's womb.  Other motions such as car rides and rocking have similar effects.  

Sucking helps calm an unhappy baby by releasing natural chemicals within the brain. 

"S" principle number one, in our minds, is the "shushing sound." Shushing  sounds are calming to babies and break a baby's crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex.

But, having to make continuous shushing sounds can get tiring!  Baby Shusher is a small compact, portable device that provides a rhythmic "shush" sound that reminds the baby of being inside the womb, where there is constant inundation of loud noises. Baby Shusher is a product designed out of necessity by a sleep deprived father to help his baby fall asleep. This doctor tested and approved technique brings relief to households with a baby.  Simply turn Baby Shusher on and place near baby and baby will calm down and go to sleep.

Before another sleepless night has its chance to pass, be sure to have your own Baby Shusher on hand... so next time you and your baby can't sleep, put the 5 "S"s and Baby Shusher to use, and find yourself and your baby sleeping through the night!

Have you tried Baby Shusher?  Once you have tried Baby Shusher, please leave us a review on our listing here.

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