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A Doula is Thankful…

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 by | 12 views

As this year comes to an end, we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a time to gather together with loved ones. Some we see frequently and some we haven't seen in awhile. It's a time to celebrate the joy of food… wonderful, calorie filled, food! We watch holiday movies and practice years of traditions.

One of our family traditions is to reflect on our year and remember the things we are most thankful for. So, I thought I would take this time to share some of the things I am thankful for as a doula…

1. I am thankful for the growing acceptance and popularity of the doula as a true profession. There have always been doulas, we know this. But in the modern world there are many who don't know what we are, and many who don't truly know how important our role is. I have noticed, in my professional and personal circles, that our work is becoming validated. Doctors and midwives are recommending us, insurance companies are reimbursing for our services; I am thankful that something so personal and emotional can allow me to not only serve others, but also help provide for my family.

2. I am thankful for the amazing and beautiful birth community that we have here in San Diego! I have only ever been a doula here in San Diego, but I have heard from others about their experiences in other areas throughout the world. I have heard stories of discord, jealousy, competition, isolation and loneliness. Our community is not so. San Diego has a wonderfully supportive and active birth community! We are always connecting with each other, helping each other solve problems, praising each others accomplishments, and most importantly… encouraging each other. Another beautiful thing to come out of birth work… friendships.

3. I am thankful for the personal support system of my dear family and friends. Each birth is unique and unpredictable. And as such they sometimes require my attention for long periods of time and at all hours of the day. It is extremely difficult to be in an "on call" situation while being a stay at home mother of two little kiddos. I am thankful to my dear friends, family, and amazing babysitter this year for always being there for my kids when I am called away to a birth. And for my super awesome husband for always being willing to bend his schedule and needs to help me do something that I love to do.

4. Finally, I am thankful to all of the amazing couples and families that chose to welcome me into the amazing journey of their baby's birth. Every single one of my clients leave an imprint on my heart in their own unique way. I have witnessed many different things in the births I have attended this year. It never ceases to humble me that I am continuously asked to be a part of such an intimate part of a woman's life.  I'm not only thankful for the relationships I formed, but for the experience they all allowed for me to gain as a Certified Birth Doula.

These are just some of the many things that a doula is thankful for at the end of each year. We all experience so many different things and are all our own unique person. Most importantly we are thankful to all who support the role that a doula plays.

- Doula Laura

* * Embracing Labor is a team of San Diego labor support offering Birth & Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Education, Lactation Counceling, Placenta Incapsulation and Prenatal Massage. Visit to learn more, receive free education and a complimentary consultation.

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