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Pumpin’ Mama Pro Tips

Posted on April 24th, 2014 by | 13 views

Ten simple tips to make you a pumping pro.

Sponsored by Wendy Armbruster Bell, CLE
Founder & CEO of Snugabell


Pumping moms will tell you that sometimes day-to-day pumping can come with unique challenges and obstacles that you might not consider.  Luckily, there are tons of tips and resources out there to help pumping moms meet their breastfeeding goals no matter what their situation.  Here are ten of our favorites, from Snugabell Mom and Baby Gear.   

  1. Look at your baby.  Seeing your little one will biologically help you relax and let your milk down.  Keep a photo handy to glance at as you pump.  (Keeping a few on your phone will work just fine.) 
  2. Just rinse between sessions.  Unless your baby is a newborn or has a compromised immune system, there’s no need to sterilize between sessions.  Rinse and store pump part in the fridge through the day, then wash them up at night.  
  3. Visualize.  Milk not flowing?  Take a deep breath, close you eyes, and visualize your little one nursing. Your bottles will be full in no time!
  4. Get hands-on.  Gently massage and compress each breast as you pump.  It’ll help you eek out more of the good stuff.
  5. Double up.  Lots of women nurse and pump, but have you ever done both at the same time?  If you’re crunched for time, consider letting your baby help you multi-task!
  6. Bring some dirty clothes. Toss a gently-worn (translation: not filthy) piece of your baby’s clothing in your pump bag and give it a whiff as you pump.  Your baby’s unique scent will help cue your milk. 
  7. Know the 300-hour rule.  Consumer grade pump motors are usually tested for about 300 hours of use.  If you’re pushing that limit, make sure it isn’t losing effectiveness.  A lactation consultant can help you judge.
  8. Double your parts.  Keep a spare set of pump parts handy wherever you pump.  That way if you forget a set or haven’t had a chance to clean, you’re still good-to-go.
  9. Add a session.  Want to boost your supply?  Add a session at some point in the day (mornings are often open) and you’ll likely notice your supply beginning to increase in just a few days.  
  10. Pump hands-free!  PumpEase by Snugabell is a fabulous way to free up both hands while you pump.  Turn pumping downtime into multitasking bliss.  Be sure to check out to see for yourself.  

Interested in winning a free PumpEase?  Visit the Natural Baby Pros' giveaway and enter your breastfeeding or pumping tip or question here, and be entered to win!

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