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3 Secret Sauce Steps using today's breast symbology to quickly heal th

Posted on August 4th, 2014 by | 1 views

With a little help from my besties, the stars, I've cleared the symptoms of Mastitis and Thrush at lightening speed. Tag along as I link today's full moon astrology with the meaning behind my aching "boo-boos" and you may just find that feeling strung between career (Capricorn) and mothering (Cancer) is no good for achieving your BREAST health ever, either.

If you've had Thrush, Mastitis or even the fleeting pain of a cracked nipple or clogged duct then you know that sensitive tatas make for a vulnerable mama. Well, there's good news within this nursing mama’s dilemma; intense sensations can remind you to stop plodding and start nourishing~ yourself!

Basic of all Basics

You do know, it’s near impossible to nurture someone else when we're lacking soul-satisfying fulfillment? When you try to fuel another from a dried up tank, stress and resentment are undoubtedly going to surface, and it's an overtaxed mommy who is going to pay in her lady parts.

The answer does not only lie only in more bubble baths and better nutrition but integrating what can feel like major polarities within our personas - the career woman and the mom wife. For me, recognizing the blocks to this balance now is the cure behind my speedy mend and way into the bliss of my baby-moon.

The worries behind re-experiencing Mastitis were unconsciously weighing in during my pregnancy. The crucifying memories with my first are not forgotten even if the surpassing gave me more to celebrate in our 2+ years of nursing. In ways beyond however, are necessities for more soul-satisfying fulfillment this round. I guess sometimes, it just takes the body talkin’ to be put back in alignment with our intentions.

Kick Thrush

At only a week old, and with the Sun in the sign of Cancer, where mothering issues are highlighted, Oddyn was diagnosed with Thrush. Meaning, I couldn’t wipe the white milk stain off his tongue and my breasts were sore too. The sugar turned yeast factor in my milk made for some sticky stuff, that’s no good for flow. Gratefully, I put my list of business to-dos down and turned it into a thing of the past by forgoing meds, picking up a seven-day candida cleanse and following a sunshine and grapefruit seed extract protocol.

Stress in the Breast

A week or so later, the threat of Mastitis made another pass as we hit the Capricorn Full Moon. This is not the astrological setup that makes nursing a newborn easy as it's likely to have us feeling pulled between production and presence. Now, doesn't that sum up stress in America - the ole' head versus the heart saga? The plot thickens for new mamas who question what will be gained and lost by having a baby, as well as for seasoned mommies who continue to feel like their dueling responsibilities have them slacking on the job and as a parent. It gets more serious when we rely on healthy heart chakra energy, with the breasts snuggled up close, to provide sustenance for our littles.

Am I Career Mom Fraud?

You see, the full moon creates tension. The trick is to glean how it’s playing out in your life and let it go as the moon sheds too. With Capricorn Full Moon to the rescue I'm once and for all stripping the belief that to be a stellar mama I have to squish my, equally important, outside-the-home calling. With my first son I gave up my successful healing practice and took a major pay-cut as a self-employed entrepreneur. Feeling productive while in the thick of my reproductive phase hasn't come easily for me, or the family's funds - and I know I’m not alone in this sometimes shaming reality.

What Miss Hay has to Say

The precarious tightrope between career and mothering is making itself known now, cosmically, in my personal astrology chart always, and with my boobies following suit. In Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body A-Z, she says that the emotional component behind Thrush is anger over making the wrong decisions. True for me. I’ve had doubts about being cut out to juggle two babes and build up my practice, while getting my bod back and improving my marriage - to the degree I desire. Nice how that works, our deepest passions become our most pressing plights - those that inspire us to role model the possibilities and assist others with similar!

Mastitis, Hay says, is related to a desire not to hear what is going on within our children. Um, yeah. Even though it's no secret that children need major attention, digesting the truth of it can take its toll. Remember, if we aren’t meeting our own desires, it’s a crap shoot whether we’ll be able to do so for others. Literally, with Mastitis, right?!

It makes sense that I’ve had challenges with Mastitis when I had my first baby before I'd acted on my desire to make a career switch from healing bodywork to transformational coaching. Instead, I used him as the best excuse to start fresh, which however, has had me feeling more like a stay-at-home-mom than a true entrepreneur. Attachment parenting has positively influenced this sacred SAHM-type phase, where I've aligned my unique talents with my perfectly suited niche market, of freedom-seeking mommies, but it has done little for structuring in time for taking care of business. The result has been trying to do both, at the same time. Taxing, and especially with a wee-one

A Message from the BOOBIES

I’m not saying that every SAHM feels incomplete, as well, I’m sure that many working moms would prefer this to their 9-5 grind. The logistics aside because I'm talking to all of us who feel the struggle of the juggle. Here's what I've got to say in the name of happy boo-boos, "We gots to honor that WE ARE RIGHT WHERE WE'RE MEANT TO BE, right now - and just for now! This takes believing that ...

  • We are not compromised or compromising - we are productive, if and especially if that looks like nursing 10 times a day. (Capricorn)
  • We don't need to makeup for any lack by doing more, we need to pause, soak, rest ... (Cancer)
  • We need to set limits, find structures, systems, and supports that back our desires. (Capricorn)
  • We need to keep mothering with a feeling based and from the seat of our pants style. (Cancer)
  • We need to feel what's up next in nourishing our sense of purpose  - without pretending that our family should be our everything.

Right now, my secret sauce is choosing to share with you while transforming within me. In bed. All alone. The littlest wrapped, visible and kissable, on daddy’s chest at the zoo - keeping attachment parenting intactSmile My family is sure to recognize that I'm a spiritual teacher, but I'm confident they'd tire of being the only ones to validate this core aspect of me. Balance for US is ME playing on the teeter-totter that intersects my passion for parenting and my career in coaching. I'm not going to forget it and I bet'cha I can count on my breasts to remind me when I'm not true to both.

Your Own Secret Sauce 

To find your own SECRET SAUCE know that our sense of balance is always changing. (tweet that yo!)

If this is true, you must ask yourself "what do I want to do?" - many times every day, week, and month. Each time, pick one of three choices by finding the one that matches your intention to experience soul-satisfying fulfillment. Like this, baby goes down for a nap. What do you pick a) sleep while baby sleeps. b) watch a movie. c) write a blog?

Best part of working with me

There you have it - my inspiration for helping freedom-seeking mommies to stop feeling like they're compromising their worldly purpose for their passion in parenting - or vice-versa! The best part of choosing to work with me now ... It will not only make you a more awesome mom, successful entrepreneur, and juicy woman, but will me too! I offer programs that ignite transformation within one area so it instantly transfers into all others. Your Free Claim You’re Sane Session will illuminate where your fresh start button is located.

Is your story anything like mine? What is one action that will help you to better bridge work and parenting right right now? 


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