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Isn't it Grand!

Posted on September 7th, 2014 by | 1 views

Isn’t It GRAND!

There is nothing like the love grandparents and grand friends have for their grandchildren.  My father describes being a grandparent as “the greatest return on his investment.”  Every week more than a dozen grandparents and grand friends come to music class ready to sing, dance, and play along with their grandchildren. Some are climbing on grandpa’s back, some are bouncing on grandma’s lap, and some are sitting and singing quietly. Sometimes the children in class connect with another child’s grandparent and an organic grand friendship (in every sense of the word) blooms.  A couple of years ago, a little boy, age 3, not only loved coming to music class to sing and play but to enjoy his weekly visit with his grand friend, Grandpa Bobby.  “Hello, to the grandparents, we’re so glad to see you!”


In many classes, grandparents, parents, and children come to class together. We’ve even had a few great-grandparents attend classes.  One morning one of my students walked in and said, “Ms. Diana, did you know that I sing with Nana over the phone. I sent one of my CDs to my Nana in England so she could learn my special music. Our favorite song to sing together is May All Children”.  Multiple generations are sharing music together and bringing that harmony home.  


My own mom comes to music class with me at least once a week so I can still teach and enjoy having my little one in class with me. My mom often says it is the highlight of her week. It is the highlight of mine too. I could not ask for anything more than to share that time and music with two people who I care for so deeply. I know if my grandmother was still with us, she would be in class alongside us.


Some grandparents walk to class with their grandchildren and some drive almost an hour to share their day with their grandchildren and bring them to music class. Whenever a grandparent is visiting from out of town, they make a point to come to music class to see what their little ones are doing. They often know the songs from their own childhood and many have shared their musical memories about some of the music we sing in class. “Oh, I used to sing this when I was a first grader living in a tiny town in Pennsylvania” or “this is the lullaby I used to sing to my son when he was an infant”.  The grandparents in our classes are great participants, sometimes they add beautiful harmonies to the melodies; they even have some incredible dance moves. Our grandparents come to class with smiles on their faces and with such love and openness not just for their grandchildren but for whatever music class holds. As we say goodbye every week we look forward to making music together again, and again, and again.


Grandparents and grand friends, thank you for being a part of our classes and our musical community!







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