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The only recipe for an inspired life -

Posted on September 12th, 2014 by | 3 views

That might even put food onto your table.

That moment when someone asks what you're making for dinner  … Tonight.

With nada in my noggin I entertain the possibility that this casts me as a terrible mom and wife. No, I know I'm not.  What I don't know though is how people meal plan. Especially for a whole week or even a month out.

I'm only up for plating the topic because it's relevant now when order-obsessed + detail-driven Virgo comes up against her opposite, free-spirited + intuitively-orientated Pisces pal.

Both CREATIVE aspects within each of us, they have alternate ways of meeting in the middle to dish. While you may have felt this tug-a-war during this sometimes-chaotic full moon phase my personal astrology is set up so that I’m always navigating polarities. It seems I'm that astro-ambassador who keeps on suggesting you jump aboard your inner teeter totter too. Static sucks, we agreeSmile

We're talking balance here, again, and  I assume it's why people would choose to meal plan. For sanity, clearly. Survival, perhaps! To get tasty eats into the peeps they love - efficiently and effectively. Yeah, yeah. I stand by that. Stretch a dollar, I'm game. Using cooking as an outlet to my creativity, absolutely important to me.

The terrible part about  showing up empty handed to the "what's for dinner" convo is that whatever ends up being plated won't serve to inspire.  Never shy on inspiration when it comes to creating the things I focus my attention, another healthy bite is never far from my hungry lips.

Bragging aside, I’ll admit that it helps to do my shopping with a dinner or two in mind. If not, there's always looking a veggie in the eye and following threads into the food news of my latest muse.  Also, I like to luxuriate while shopping on a whim: that’s if luxuriating describes while nursing one and hunting down the fastest snack for another who’s chanting "I love fruits and vegetables" at  a stage-presence decibel. And if 'on a whim' is still an allowable phrase in parent world.

Whatever, I've only used a shopping list like 5 times in the last few years.  Same goes with a recipe. Call me a rebel. Nah, call me a CREATIVE! You know us, we don't do boxes and rules. That next mad craving, always the surprise factor. The advantage is that I enjoy making dinner - a dash of this and a drizzle of that all stirred together with trust (Pisces) that my wild affair with food that will nourish the bellies and heal the hearts (Virgo) of my roundtable peeps.

A romance. Okay, not the most fitting analogy as it seems odd to have the hubs cleaning up after my messy affairs.  Though he does, beloved man who understands that beyond my passion lies my purpose. I'm actually always in the process of creating time-tested recipes that blend structures and systems with the intuitive and uncharted.

A messy kitchen, an unavoidable non-issue - which speaks to how tasty it all is! The risky bit - those evenings when my creative spirit is on hideous or hunkered under a heap of laundry. That's where a good neighbor comes in, which reminds me, better throw some reciprocation her way. However, I'm not always confident that my in the moment mixology appeals to the more traditional types. Hello, these pork loin and eggplant stuffed Pascilla peppers are Paleo, and maybe even popular.

Doesn't matter, I’m inspired. After eating 3, yes 3, surprisingly delectable hippy-dippy burgers for lunch and then my stuffed pepps for dinner I want to keep on with the healthy food combos where it's either a grain or a meat pulling my veggie brothas and sisters together. Feeling lighter takes the romance beyond the kitchen --- ooo or maybe it shouldn't.

And for the hippy dippy burgers. It all started when unmistakably lonely, yet quite lively bunch of chives called HELP from the fridge's trenches. I mentioned their situation to my workout partner and how I'd thought to introduce them to some millet. That’s it. It was on - the veggie burger showdown! While she was going for a Southwestern lentil she prompted the curry powder in mine and I met it with the sweet potato. I'd go on but you'd really have to try them. She did mine and I did hers but I'm sorry to say, you can't. After they sizzled in some coconut oil and took a trip through the oven, they're gone!

There we have it. Maybe meal planning does save money. Will it ever be as delicious when the M-F white board gobbles up the spontaneousness that allows a creation to take on a life of it's own? It won't be a free for all ingredient fest and you just won't eat as much -maybe even saving some for later. I tease, though portion size is no laughing matter. Clearly, I'm a bit naive about meal planning's perks. Still, I'm smart enough to know that structures have their place and can even lay the groundwork for change.

My family can voge, if mama’s creative fires aren't fed first it's cheese and crackers for the rest. That's not the case this week because I'm back in the habit of working out in the mornings and have once again freed my evenings for meal time craftin'. All in good timing, my summer’s nights jaunts and neighborhood shares hit the spot before all this back to school Virgo stuff started spilling into our reality too.

That's always the recipe for an inspired life: enough structure to back the creative, and enough intuitive to make the system worthy. 

This recipe goes straight into my Sane Mama Mentoring Sessions. It's what allows me to make mystical knowledge mama accessible. I can help you fine tune this recipe and have it working for you, and your kids, by looking at how your Soul cares to be creative ...

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Let me help you find where your fresh start button is located, through your Free Claim You're Sane Session! If it happens to start with getting dinner on the table easily and effectively - you better hurry up and schedule with me through this quick and easy on line system!

Now give it to me, where do you fall on the spectrum? Meal plan ever? Never? Can you see how looking at something simple like this speaks to what would help to balance you out and make a mama a bit more sane?