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7 Ways New Dads Can Help a New Mother

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 3 views

Be an advocate for your wife by taking care of a few things such as:

As much as an expectation as it is, sleep deprivation is not a necessary prerequisite to being a good parent. It is extremely important that you and your wife get as much sleep as possible so that you can be present and able to take care of your baby so make yourself a priority.

If tasks left undone are causing you and your wife anxiety, accept all the appropriate help you are offered. Appropriate help means, accept help from people who are there to actually help – even while you are asleep, not the people that come over to be entertained.

If you receive offers from people who want to bring over food, accept their offers but let them know you may be sleeping or feeding the baby and may not be able to answer the door. You can leave a container by your front door for them to place the meals in.

Everyone will want to see the baby, so instead of having people come over individually, try to set up a time where everyone comes at the same time for a couple of hours. It is a lot less stressful and time consuming.

Leave a message on your voicemail giving all the details of the birth. Letting everyone know you will get back to them when tings settle down.

Remove all the gifts, balloons and anything else from the hospital room the day before you will be going home.

Ask everyone to wash their hands before holding the baby. Place paper towels in the bath room so they are not all using the same towel. This is a great way to fight the spread of infection.

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