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My Natural Birthing Story

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 0 views
by Stacey Ross

I was not much different from many moms-to-be; I had the notion that being out of control by forging childbirth drug-free might turn me into a basket case. How could I silence my mind and breathe calmly during such a painful process?  Need I be some super hero out there trying to prove something, when hospital interventions had seemed to do just fine doing it “their way”? Because of medical and personal reasons, I out-ruled any and all of these interventions. If it could be done drug-free…if my baby could enter the world drugless and moms had lived to tell the story, I could it, too!  I bought into concept and made the commitment.

How would I quiet the mind and remember to breathe? I found that in Yoga classes I had taken that I maintained way too much mental chatter; for example I would make note list of all of the errands I needed to do or I would be in the back of the class cutting jokes, so entering “the zone” or finding the opportunity even remotely Zen-like, was a process that gave me skills that I still use this day.  I took a class with my husband and involved his partnership as half of the equation.  I practiced meditation through light exercise and swimming, simulating contractions through what I called “pain control” exercises. To practice working through the “pain,” we focused on rhythmic patterns, storytelling and visualization exercises. The other students seemed to find a peace and sense of surrender that I wanted, too!  Along with my husband, we eventually got into the grove and worked as a team.

It was not until preparing to give birth that I came to realize that it is that exact type of experience that would not only enable me to have the most miraculous day of my entire life, but to show me that I had the strength to forge ahead and fearlessly experience the miraculous process, through and through! Being alert, receptive, and non-sedated during every moment of the childbirth experience contributed to making my first day as Mom even a greater personal achievement. My husband, right at my side, was a key factor. I could not imagine entering parenthood, let alone childbirth, without his blessed partnership. My commitment to learning the skills in the natural childbirth classes prepared me for a total drug-free experience; my reward being a brand-new human being that literally crawled across my body in her first minutes. Fully present, I watched her latch right on to the “leche mobile”. It was pure heaven!

There is absolutely nothing that has been a more rewarding/organic experience as the morning my firstborn entered this world. Without the skills that I learned (combination of a couple techniques), I would not have been so sure of my commitment to going totally natural, nor would I have had the discipline to stick with the initial pains of nursing. My surrender to a more healthful, less risky approach was a form of empowerment that has made me a stronger person, and to this day I use the same skills to get through physical discomfort, as well as to find calm during those days I wish I could just bury my head in the sand! 

Stacey Ross is the founder of San Diego Bargain, a site that shares valuable local and online resources for moms looking for the best for less.

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