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Hormonal Balancing with Homeopathy

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 0 views
By Allison Maslan, CCH, RSHom(NA)

Further evidence of risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy published an article entitled, "Risks and Benefits of Estrogen plus Progesterone in Healthy Post-Menopausal Woman. The well-publicized article announced the health benefits and risks of the most commonly used combined hormone preparation in the United States.

This study involved over 16,000 women from 40 medical centers across the US. It was to continue for 8 years, however, the study was halted after 5 years due to the significant increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and pulmonary embolus within the group of women taking the hormones.(not the placebo group)

Women have been convinced that menopause is an inherent disease that must be eradicated. A healthier view is that menopause and other hormonal changes are natural life processes that can be supported and balanced, rather than altered.

Homeopathy works differently than hormone replacement therapy in that this natural system of medicine brings the entire endocrine system into balance as part of treating the whole being. What I mean by this is that the homeopathic remedy treats the totality, ie. the mental, physical and emotional. So, in creating an equilibrium within the entire system, the hormonal symptoms will calm, the body will have more energy, the mood will rise and the mind will have more clarity.

How does this work? Homeopathy, meaning same disease, is based on 'The Law of Similars." By taking the homeopathic medicine that creates the same symptoms that your body is currently experiencing, it gently dissolves the matching or corresponding diseased state because the body cannot sustain two like diseases simultaneously.

Here is an example, A patient is very irregular with her menses and she has continuous hot flashes without thirst that were better on going outside. She is extremely moody, yet better with company and affection. The remedy that she would do well on is called Pulsatilla (Windflower) If Pulsatilla is taken in its crude form by a healthy person, the same symptoms of moodiness, hot flashes, and irregular menses would appear. However, in the homeopathic preparations, the toxicity is removed. So, there are no side-effects. The state of the remedy would correspond to the state of this woman and she would feel much more in control of her emotions, her menses would regulate and her hot flashes would reduce.

From seeds to blooming petals, nature, on all levels, is in continuous transition. Below are some familiar female cross points that homeopathy can address.

PHASE 1: Baby Ashley, 8 months old, loves to be held and cuddled. Yet, ever since she began the teething process, all she can do is shriek from the pain within her mouth. Her parents are sleep deprived, frustrated and exhausted. No amount of cuddling gives Ashley any relief.

After homeopathic treatment: Once Ashley took one dose of her homeopathic remedy that was chosen to fit her particular state, the painful sensitivity in her gums ceased, her dentition proceeded without difficulty. Ashley's shrieking was replaced with a smile and her affection returned. Her parents were happy to sleep again!

PHASE 2: Smiling little Lisa, age 14, goes to school one day happy as can be, and comes home an obstinate, moody teenager. She had always been motivated with her schoolwork. Now she has lost her motivation and really does not care about her grades. Her periods are very painful and irregular.

After homeopathic treatment: Lisa's periods began to regulate without the cramping and bloating. That moodiness disappeared and she was much easier to get along with at home and with her friends. Her motivation with school returned and she was able to get through her homework without a fight.

PHASE 3: Capable, confident Barbara, age 26, finds herself overwhelmed in her career, unable to maintain healthy relationships due to her mood swings and irritability. She has a predictable week just before her menses of causeless tears and deep despair. Her cramps and fatigue are so intense that they require her to miss work and stay in bed for a full day.

After homeopathic treatment : The first month after the remedy, Barbara noticed that it was the week before her period and she was still feeling good. She was not weepy or depressed. As the months progressed, her periods became lighter and she did not experience the pain and fatigue of the past. She became stronger physically and emotionally, so she had the energy to enjoy her career rather than become overwhelmed by it. Her relationships improved because little things did not upset her as much. She was able to focus on the positive aspects of her life, rather than what might be missing.

PHASE 4: New Mother, Sarah, age 35, just gave birth to a beautiful son. Instead of feeling excited and proud, she has fallen into a post-partum depression full of doom and gloom and apathy for the things she normally loves to do. Sarah also has been experiencing episodes of migraine headaches that she has never had before.

After homeopathic treatment: Sarah responded fairly quickly to her homeopathic treatment. Her depression lifted as her hormonal state began to balance. She began to bond with her new child and felt excited about his presence in her life. She finally had the energy to care for him. Also, her migraines improved over the next three months and have not returned.

PHASE 5: Julia, 47, is not feeling herself lately. Her periods have become very irregular, varying between twice a month to nothing for three months. She is waking exhausted, and the fatigue does not wear off as the day progresses. Recently, she has experienced some free- floating anxiety that has left her feeling insecure and fearful. Julia is also complaining of weakness of memory and difficulty focusing with her general day- to- day tasks.

After homeopathic treatment : The first symptom that improved was Julia's anxiety. She began feeling confident again and the episodes dissipated. Then Julia's energy returned. She felt like exercising again. Her periods remained irregular, about every other month, which is a normal in this stage of peri-menopause. However, she stopped having two periods in one month. Her mind began to feel much clearer and she was able to accomplish her daily tasks.

PHASE 6: Carol, age 56, does not feel the zest for life that she usually experiences. She wakes feeling foggy, like a veil is hanging over her. Her grandkids have come to visit and she feels guilty for not having the energy to play with them. Two years prior, one of Carol's closest friends passed away. She continues to mourn her loss on a daily basis and feels the pain as if it just happened yesterday. Since this time, Carol has also had several sinus infections and increased hair loss. Prior to this loss, she was hardly ever sick.

After homeopathic treatment: Immediately following the homeopathic dose, Carol experienced deep healing from the grief she had been feeling. She cried as she had in the past, yet this time she felt great relief after the tears. Over the next six months, the veil lifted and she began enjoying her life again. She missed her friend, but she did not feel that painful grief that had been gripping her. Also, as her strength increased, her hair stopped falling out and Carol did not experience anymore sinus infections.

Do any of these phases sound familiar? Each of these phases represents many of life's normal transitions. From infancy, through adolescence, menopause and the elderly years, we ebb and flow through our changes. Even though these shifts are part of the natural evolutionary process, females often struggle with the changing tides leaving them feeling out of control and out of balance.

As you can see, each scenario had it's own specific characteristics, even though the phases are common. So, there are many homeopathic medicines for hot flashes, mood swings, exhaustion and so on. It is always particular to how it plays out in your own body. Your homeopath would work to find the correct homeopathic remedy that fits your entire picture. Rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs, homeopathy can heal on a very deep level while restoring the body to its natural vital state of health.

Allison Maslan, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and The Director of The Homeopathic Wellness Center where she has been in private practice for 15 years. Allison is also the Founder of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, a three-year Classical Homeopathic Education certification program in San Diego, California.. She is Nationally Certified by the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification, accrediting organizations that are dedicated to maintaining high standards of homeopathic practice. Allison has published many articles and lectures nationwide on homeopathy and healing. 888-844-3550.

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