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Gain a Beautiful Smile Makeover With Natural Dentistry

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by | 1 views


By Dr. Carey O'Reilly

Awareness of using a holistic dentist approach has become much stronger as the public grows increasingly aware of the need to avoid some of the more toxic substances that are now associated with traditional cosmetic dentistry methods. These methods include the use of mercury in tooth fillings, a practice which has now come to be widely regarded with growing concern due to possible health consequences. The goal of holistic dentistry is create a harmony between oral care and the patient's overall well-being. A holistic dentist practices on the premise that there is a relationship between the body and oral health.

This alternative form of cosmetic dentistry allows patients to receive a smile makeover using natural dentistry methods that are completely safe. This is made possible by utilizing non-toxic dental materials rather than substances that have been used in the past such as mercury fillings. While such holistic dentistry methods can certainly involve repair issues, it can also help patients to achieve the beautiful smile they have always desired, all without any concern that the methods used could be detrimental to their overall health.

Patients who have experienced concern regarding a visit to the dentist will also find that a holistic dentist can also offer them innovative approaches that will assist in reducing the stress that is sometimes associated with visiting the dentist.

It is even possible to achieve a smile makeover through the use of porcelain dental veneers. Veneers allow you to enjoy a smile that is bright and white, with teeth that are shapely and beautifully aligned. The natural dentistry methods today additionally allow you to benefit from a look that is far more natural that what has been previously available to dental patients.

In addition to porcelain veneers, patients can also benefit from other services such as mercury filling removals, teeth whitening, dental implants, tooth inlays and onlays.

Due to the modern improvements and developments that have been made in the field of cosmetic dentistry and natural dentistry approaches, it is no longer necessary for patients to choose between a beautiful smile and their overall health. The use of safe and effective methods used by professional holistic dentists makes it possible for patients to receive a smile makeover based on completely natural and safe methods. You no longer have to settle for one or the other; now you can have both.

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Dr. Carey O'Reilly, DDS provides gentle, green dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in San Diego. To get a beautiful smile through natural dentistry, visit  Article Source:'Reilly


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