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Willow Buckley, a San Diego based homeopath, recognizes that the human body’s natural state is one of health and that we possess the ability to heal ourselves. Although, Holistic Treatment has always been of great interest to her, it wasn’t until after she received her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavior from the University of California , Santa Barbara that she knew she had found her calling in healing through Homeopathy. While working on her homeopathic certification, Willow completed four years of homeopathy instruction and well over two hundred hours of advanced seminar attendance. She knows that illness is ultimately an imbalance, often brought on by stress. By treating the imbalance the body can be affected physically, mentally and emotionally. This is what makes Homeopathy a truly Holistic Medicine. Through an extensive interview, Willow can determine such imbalances and treat the person accordingly. Results can be rapid, complete, and permanent with the correct homeopathic remedy. The process is delicate but powerfully effective. Homeopathy is safe for adults, pregnant and breast feeding mothers, newborns, and children alike, and can treat a wide variety of imbalances ranging from earaches and morning sickness to depression and anxiety.

Willow is also available as a Labor Doula and has recently been trained in pre-and post-natal yoga.


Willow's thoughts on utilizing holistic methods for fertility, pregnancy, birth, beyond:

1. What is your relationship to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or mommy/baby care, and how does your work relate to it?

As a a homeopathic practitioner I treat women holistically and naturally before conception, during pregnancy and postpartum. As a labor doula and pre and postpartum yoga instructor I can provide them with the opportunity to be treated homeopathically throughout labor and birth. My homeopathy practice extends into both infant and child health care as well.

2. What inspired you to do the work you do?

I have always been drawn to child care. I began baby sitting at age 11 and continued on and off until I was 24. Then, through my study and practice of homeopathy, I observed the distinct correlation between the stress and experience of a woman's pregnancy and birth and her child's well-being and disposition, both physically and mentally. Many things come up physically and emotionally during pregnancy that can manifest into such feelings as fear and anxiety, which in turn are also experienced by the developing baby. Fascination with this connection and a profound respect for the value of a positive birth experience encouraged me to develop more tools to support women holistically throughout both pregnancy and birth.

3. What is the most important thing a pregnant woman or a woman trying to conceive should know about her body, giving birth, and caring for herself and her baby, based on your personal and professional experience?

It is hard to leave it as only one thing. First, stress is the most significant influence upon someone's health, and in this case specifically upon women pregnant or trying to conceive. Awareness and possessing the tools to balance inner conflicts (stresses arising from physical, mental and emotional levels) are the keys to maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit ready to experience the entire process of child birth. The second is for each woman to trust her instincts and intuition. Informed decisions come from accessing the wealth of diverse information and references available through collective efforts like NBP. Women currently have an unprecedented right and ability to conduct their own research and come to conclusions without feeling obligated to follow every last instruction from doctors, parents, neighbors or friends.

4. What is your biggest obstacle in supporting pregnant or trying-to-conceive women and/or babies?

Homeopathy works wonderful at any time, however, in certain cases once symptoms arise we are already working to catch up with the problem. If I can get to a client before they even feel like they "need" me, the efficacy of my treatment is significantly heightened. Homeopathy, doula work and yoga are all best utilized from the onset, both physically and mental/emotionally. Homeopathy can work very quickly and effectively with illness, pain and imbalances but works best early in a situation.

5. Tell me your best success story.

I will share a recent success that came with a young woman seeking to remove her dependency on ADD medication out of concerns for her long term health and the health of the family she wished to start in the near future. Even after being on ADD medication since the age of 14, homeopathic treatment helped ween her down to dosages every other day within the first month and then completely off the medication within 2-3 months, all without suffering ill-effects or withdrawals. Women on medication often are concerned with what will happen when they become pregnant. Will they have to suddenly stop, will their old symptoms return, will they not be able to continue without the medication? These are some of the questions that might run through their mind. If a woman is thinking about conceiving, or is currently pregnant and either personally wants to discontinue their medication or is recommended to do so, homeopathy could be their solution.

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