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“Hot Mama Yoga is about empowering woman, their changing bodies, and through them, their partners and children. By empowering woman in their bodies during the most important time of their life, I feel that I can bring the consciousness back to the support of the sisterhood. Hot Mama Yoga is about bringing women back to the source of spiritual experiences through pregnancy and birth. 

A time in life that has been forgotten where women support women, where women sit in circles of women and remind each other of themselves when they forget. “ ~Jolie Cash

Hot Mama Yoga began with Jolie’s vision of empowering the children. Jolie believes that world peace begins in the womb and in order to reach the children, Jolie began with the women as the main caretakers. Jolie also believes that all women deserve an empowered birth and through the understanding of their body and the energy that moves through them, that they can have a natural empowered spiritual experience through their birth.

Jolie's teaching focus is on the integration of wisdom and intuition, in order to release the old to make room for the new. The process of birth as a right of passage is a beautiful expression of this. She teaches a fluid style of yoga creating a garland of postures with the breath and sound. Prenatal classes include the use of sound as a way to connect the perineum with the palette as a main flow of energy in the birthing process (or the jaw with the hips for a more physical approach). By sharing sound with movement in a sacred space, the women become less inhibited during the birth process and more willing to follow their body along with the baby through the process.

Just as Hot Mama Yoga focuses on supporting pregnant woman as they venture into the right of passage of becoming a mother, Buddha Baby Yoga (postnatal with baby) shares the qualities of yoga for awareness of moms new body as well as bringing awareness to mom about baby through infant massage, mom and baby partner poses such as baby flips. Hot Mama Buddha Baby yoga supports the changing female body and encourages playgroups as an outlet for connecting with other mothers. 

Jolie Cash, the director of Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga, the home of Hot Mama Yoga, is a DOULA (labor and birth support) that believes in natural birth, the experience of "natural" right of passage and supporting birth choices. Many of Jolie’s Hot Mama’s refer to her as the “Baby Whisperer” for her natural and intuitive ability to soothe a fussy baby. Jolie loves to focus on the digestion of a new baby and to share with the Mama’s ways of relieving an uncomfortable infant through baby massage, movement & nutritional support ideas.

Jolie’s mission is to hold the space and facilitate the opening of the body, heart and mind so as one, we may move forward in life without obstruction and become a filter for others to see the light of spirituality.

When Jolie isn’t teaching Hot Mama & Buddha Baby Yoga, she is training others how to teach yoga. She is a natural birth advocate, an author, inspiration speaker of empowering women and all around baby lover. Jolie also teaches regular workshops, Teacher Trainings and retreats throughout the United States. Among her most popular workshops are Listening for Nature's WhisperTM~a restorative yoga workshop and Empowering the Goddess Within~a women’s gathering.

Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga is located at 4205 Park Blvd, San Diego. For complete class schedule and studio details visit. To contact Jolie directly about the upcoming Hot Mama Yoga Teacher Training, or to book her for an event at your location, you may contact Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga at [email protected]

New ECO-Friendly Yoga Studio Offers yoga classes for Mommy & baby in University Heights - $10 classes!

Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga~the home of Hot Mama Yoga has opened its doors in the up and coming Park Boulevard area of University Heights. Nature’s Whisper offer’s $10 yoga classes with a full weekly schedule. Among the schedule you will find gentle prenatal appropriate classes as well as prenatal specific and postnatal with baby yoga classes.

Nature’s Whisper is also a member of the Green Yoga Association offering a toxic free environment for the babies. The studio boasts non-toxic refinished floors, lots of light and fresh flowing air. The studio’s opening also marks the launch of a new division of Nature’s Whisper, the Sassy Seva Sisters. This group’s work benefits women and children in the San Diego area with a focus on birth and postpartum. NWSY is also a member of Your Natural Baby San Diego.