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Hoorayfor the Doula! If I were to make one suggestion to someone asking for advice on their upcoming birth, it would be (and always is) "Get a Doula!". Doulas really do make a world of difference to a birthing mother. It is because of this that we are proud to be spotlighting the Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services group this month.

Beautiful Beginnings was established as a doula group in San Diego in 1994. A new baby is coming into the world, and with it, lots of questions, excitement, joy, and the need for a lot of support.

For parents, they provide local resources to professionals in the field of childbirth and parenting. They have a wonderful group of birth doulas and postpartum doulas who have all been trained underDONA International (Doulas of North America, International).

They provide DONA-Approved Postpartum and Birth Doula trainers, who provide trainings throughout San Diego County and other parts of the country. Information about becoming trained as a doula can be found on their website in the Doula Trainingssection.

They also offer local resources and referrals for many of your childbirth and parenting needs, including in-home childbirth education, breastfeeding help, and even certified child passenger seat technicians.

Please read their interview below and be sure to leave any questions you have as comments to this post.

What is your relationship to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or mommy/baby care, and how does your work relate to it?

"Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services" is comprised of birth and postpartum doulas who support pregnant and new families as they are embarking into this exciting phase of their lives. Birth doulas support, educate and comfort the parents as they are going through their birth experience. They help to empower the couples to make the choice that works best for them and will fully support whatever that choice is: whether its a birth in a hospital, home or birth center, epidural or non-medicated birth. There are providers listed on our site that help with fertility, birthing comfort and other resources. Our postpartum doulas are among the best in San Diego and we are comprised of the largest group of postpartum doulas in SD. They comfort, educate and support the parent's choices for their child and are extremelyhelpful for parents who don't have family support, or perhaps have mulitple babies or postpartum depression. "

What inspired you to do the work you do?

"Supporting families during this amazing time in their lives is one of the greatest jobs you can have. Doulas can make a huge difference in how the birth and postpartum experince goes for the family and to be a part of that is truly a blessing!"

What is the most important thing a pregnant woman or a womantrying to conceive should know about her body, giving birth, and caring for herself and her baby, based on your personal and professional experience?

"Education is the most important thing for expectant parents. We know that in today's society, birth is becoming more medicalized, but birth is the most natural thing a woman's body can do! We celebrate that natural process and support mom's desires for her birth, but if you don't know what to expect, it is much harder to get the birth you want.

Our group has refererences to wonderful holistic health care providers who can help with fertility, comfort during pregnancy, and natural processes when the birth requires those things.

We also have many educators in our group: childbirth educators including a Hypnobabies instructor, Bradley instructors, and home and hospital expereince instructors; breastfeeding support including lactation educators/counselors and lactation consultants, parent classes that are taught in numerous locations around San Diego county, and our doulas are all trained and experienced to help the couples navigate birth plans and parenting choices."

What is your biggest obstacle in supporting pregnant ortrying-to-conceive women and/or babies?

"We try not to think of any obstacles. We are a large group of women and referral services with many backgrounds in health and support services, so we are able to refer to experts to help those families get the support they need."

Tell me your best success story.

"Our doulas have so many success stories that we couldn't possibly put them all down. When you go to our site, you can read about the individual doulas and what they can do to support your needs. Each doula is unique and has a special quality to fit with that special family. Many doulas have testimonials listed on their website and all the doulas have references. As far as our group of doulas, Beautiful Beginnings began in 1994 with 4 doulas, and has now grown to over 30 doulas and is one of the best known and referred to groups in San Diego. That is a big success!!"

Thank you to Stacey Scarborough and Beautiful Beginnings for your time and providing the information above! Be sure to check out their featured article, "Do You Doula? I Do!," the Beautiful Beginnings business listing, and their special promotion below.

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