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LANSING, MI--(Apr 20, 2012)- You don't have to cure what you can prevent. That's why the non-profit Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation is proud to recognize May 2012 as the inaugural "Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month."

This campaign will spread awareness of natural lifestyle choices proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Most notably, the BCNPF is encouraging women to have their vitamin D levels tested and work to reach natural levels (40-60 ng/ml).

Research has established that maintaining natural vitamin D levels cuts breast cancer risk in half, and that two out of three women are vitamin D deficient today. Natural breast cancer prevention also means proper diet and exercise -- prevention strategies that are also widely underappreciated despite being naturally intuitive.

The common theme is that a natural lifestyle puts our bodies in position to operate as nature intended. There are no silver bullet solutions -- no one is saying that these prevention strategies are cure-all, no-miss sure things. The point is that they put you in the lowest risk categories and give your body the best chance to perform as nature intended.

"To prevent breast cancer, people need to understand that Vitamin D deficiency is sunlight deficiency," says Dr. Marc Sorenson, EdD, a health education expert who wrote the best-selling "MegaHealth" and founded the National Institute of Fitness in Utah. "Because vitamin D is made most naturally and abundantly when skin is exposed to UVB in sunlight -- and because humans today spend more time indoors and less time in the sun than at any point in history -- vitamin D levels are declining and more than two out of three women are deficient."

Here's what you can do to support Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month:

Visit for more information on getting involved and educating your community.