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Vicki WolfrumWe are honored to spotlight Vicki Wolfrum for this month's practitioner spotlight!

Vickiis a Nurse-Midwife, Board Certified Lactation Consultant , and Childbirth and Parenting Educator with 30+ years of commitment to natural birth and parenting. Her "green" agency,Whole Life Home Care, offers a full range of dedicated and experienced professionals that can assist you and your family in the most natural way possible.

This month, Vicki offers us her wisdom on breastfeeding and newborn care. Be sure to check out her great tips below, read her informative article, Kangaroo Mother Care for Newborns(which includes a great little handout and summary as well), and her special promotional offer below for our Natural Baby Pros' members.


My passion is helping women breastfeed.

I have been helping women have babies naturally and breastfeed them for the last 33 years. I have helped mothers have home births, waterbirths, complicated high risk births, VBACs and assisted at countless cesarean births. I have been present with babies born on sailboats, in a teepees, in motels with family member speaking in tongues, on hippie buses and in fancy cars, with native shamans and once caught a baby during a home robbery. I have helped birthing women who were fans of Bradley or using Lamaze patterned breathing, hypnotherapy, birthing from within, mamas using yoga. meditation, and lots of mamas letting loose with f-bombs. I have been with mothers who performed a sensual orgiastic dance and also with those who completely lost it. I have been the honored witness to the most intensely personal moments of joy and sorrow that a mother can experience. My role as a midwife is to be "with woman". That is what midwife means and I have always respected that each woman had her own birthing journey. It was not my path to choose but to walk along side her.

I no longer stand beside the birthing woman during that most intense moment of delivery. But as a midwife emerita, I now teach, encourage, reassure, praise and promote safe birth, the mother baby bond and exclusive breastfeeding in those firsts hours, days and weeks of life. Of course, I have always been a avid ( or rabid )breastfeeding proponent and now it is my full time work.

As a midwife, nothing is more important to me than making sure that those first sacred moments when mother and father greet their new baby on the outside is a private and protected bubble of love. I promote breastfeeding as the "Love Fest at the Breast". If it is not a love fest for both mother and baby, call me and I will help you.

After all these years of doing everything possible to promote the "Golden Hour", it is finally getting the universal support from a wide and varied medical mainstream. From the AAP to UNICEF to the Joint Commission, everybody is talking about and promoting the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, skin to skin care, of infant self attachment and of mother and baby sharing those first moments uninterrupted by routine weighing and bathing, shots and eye goop or even well meaning midwife hands. Over 1000 scholarly articles have been published describing the scientific benefits of the initial skin to skin experience and of kangaroo care, keeping your newborn snuggled skin to skin for the first weeks of life. This is now evidenced based medicine! not just doing what comes naturally.

I care for mothers who deliver at home, in birth centers and in the hospital who need a little extra experience and support in those early days of breastfeeding. I care for mothers in pain, in stress and distress because breastfeeding is not going as planned.

I specialize in helping mothers and babies breastfeed who have experienced birth trauma, premature infants separated for days or weeks, babies who bite, wont latch or breasts that won't perform. I have a way with minis and multiples. I love helping mamas who have had a wonderful natural birth and are committed to breastfeeding but still find it challenging. Many times these women find themselves alone without knowledgeable support because ours is not a breastfeeding culture. In the hospital I see problems with birth induced reasons. The way we birth many times prevents easy breastfeeding. I lecture about the perinatal obstacles that affect breastfeeding. I am on a mission to ban the plastic box. Why do so many newborns spend countless hours in those plastic boxes when two loving parents are sitting at their side? I am on a mission to discourage the growing baby glued to all variety of plastic seats instead of wearing the baby close to mom or dads heart. How we birth and how we parent affects breastfeeding. But every mama can change this path.

Belief in breastfeeding is more important than technique or teaching. But both will help.

Here are the best ways to have breastfeeding success:

1. Keep baby skin to skin from the first moments of life

2. No bathing and no hats in the first week so mother and baby share flora, pheromones and scents

3. Allow baby to attempt self attachment and latch at the breast in the first hour

4. Makes sure that babies first food is colostrum

5. When breastfeeding, sit back relax and let baby take the lead; try a laid back position skin to skin

6. Insist on privacy and intimacy with baby and your partner in the first days

7. Share lots of juicy kisses with your baby and partner

8. Wear your baby whenever you are out and about

9. Be prepared for weeks of immersion in breastfeeding and creating milk supply

10. Make sure you have a support team to mother the mother with delicious healthy food and drink

11. Make sure father, sister or grandma is available to baby for skin to skin comfort so you can get sleep

12. Listen to the music of your newborn sounds, visualize abundant milk supply and believe that breastfeeding works

13. Get helpearly from a loving midwife or lactation consultant who shares these values

Thank you Vicki for offering your wisdom! Call Best Baby Ever at Whole Life Home Care, and take advantage of this great promotion:

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