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Experience Life ChiroThis month's spotlight features two amazing women in North County: Dr. Sheena and Dr. Shannon at Experience Life Chiropractic!!

Drs. Sheena and Shannon opened up to Natural Baby Pros about their passion, drive, and history.  Be sure to soak it all up, and don't forget to check out their special promotion below!

1.What is your relationship to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or mommy/baby care, and how does your work relate to it?

As chiropractors who are passionate about helping families bring healthy, happy babies into this world, we lovingly support the pregnancy process from pre-conception to post-partum and beyond! 80% of our practice consists of growing families. We ensure that women maintain a healthy nerve system free from interference throughout preconception and pregnancy.  When you have a healthy nervous system, your body is healthier and functions more effectively!

We help women maintain healthy nerve systems by aligning the spine and balancing the pelvis.  When your pelvis is properly balanced during pregnancy, baby has the maximum amount of room to move into the most optimum position.  This is vital because it directly affects the ease, duration, and safety of the birth process, as well as the mother’s comfort during her pregnancy. 

Many women believe that all the discomforts and complaints of pregnancy are “normal”, when really they are simply common.  Women under chiropractic care share that they have less aches and pains, better sleep, less nausea, are better able to process stress, and are able to birth with more ease. 

Along with keeping their nerve systems clear of interference, we also empower women with knowledge about their health and their options for natural conception, pregnancy, and birth. 


2.What inspired you to do the work you do?

Dr. Sheena was called to be a chiropractor at a very young age.  Her natural love of babies and kids drew her towards pre-natal and pediatric care.  Throughout her training in chiropractic school, she chose to take multiple seminars to learn more about serving women and children.  

Dr. Sheena fell in love with the birthing process when she attended the birth of her nephew.  She was blown away by the innate power and joy of her sister as she birthed her son into the world.  After that experience, she knew she had a calling to not only serve pregnant women, but also to attend births as a doula and as a chiropractor. 

Dr. Shannon’s first experience with chiropractic was in high school. It was a simple explanation of how, much like a plant without water wilts, the body will start to break down and lose function without proper nerve flow. From that day on, she knew she was passionate about bringing more life and vitality to people.

With the pregnancy of her son Kaydin in 2005, Dr. Shannon began to see the importance of chiropractic care for women during this amazing time of change. It was then that she began taking the courses and seminars to learn as much as possible about pregnancy, birth and beyond! She had two of her close chiropractor friends along with a midwife in the room during Kaydin’s birth. Since then, Dr. Shannon has been excited to share her knowledge and help keep more women connected during such a vital time in life.       

Experience Life Chiropractic came into existence in 2011 when Dr. Sheena and Dr. Shannon decided to join their chiropractic practices. Because of their shared vision of serving women as they raise healthy, happy, and connected families, it was a natural choice! They now have a beautiful studio in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA where they serve women through chiropractic adjustments and special classes on numerous topics surrounding fertility, pregnancy, birth, and newborn care.  


3.What is the most important thing a pregnant woman or a woman trying to conceive should know about her body, giving birth, and caring for herself and her baby, based on your personal and professional experience?

Based on our experience, it is vital that every woman know she is designed for, and is capable of, conceiving, carrying the baby through pregnancy, and giving birth in an honoring and gentle way. When a woman truly grasps this truth, amazing things can happen! The most powerful way to accommodate this natural process is for her to surround herself with like-minded people who believe in her. We support women and their families on a daily basis by ensuring they maintain a clear nerve system so that they are better able to achieve the pregnancy and birth of their dreams.


4.Tell us your best success story.

We have one mother in our practice who began seeking chiropractic care after having several miscarriages within 2 years.  Her and her husband desperately desired to have another baby.  When we explained how the nerve system works, its affect on the functions of the body, and chiropractic’s role in maintaining a healthy nerve system, it clicked for them and they chose to begin care as a family.   We spent a couple months balancing out her nerve system and replenishing her body with excellent nutrition.  When she announced that she was pregnant again, we continued supporting her with exceptional care and encouragement.  

The birth of her healthy baby girl was beautiful! She brought her baby into the world without drugs or interventions in only 4 hours! Dr. Sheena attended the birth as their doula and chiropractor. Mommy, daddy, and baby were all adjusted in the hours following the birth.  Today baby girl is almost a year old and spreads joy wherever she goes.  She gets her spine checked regularly to ensure that she has maximum life force flowing through her as she develops into a healthy, connected little girl.   


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Your first visit includes a one on one consult and assessment of your neuro-spinal system with Dr. Sheena or Dr. Shannon. This includes a one on one consultation to discuss your health goals, a chiropactic exam, postural analysis, and health scan with our state of the art technology.


For more information on Experience Life Chiropractic, visit their website at !