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This month we are doing something a little different for our Spotlight.  Normally, we recommend one of our favorite practitioners or businesses for you to go see... this time, however, we would like to share a MUST READ book for all providers, mothers, and mothers to be.

The Mommy PlanThe author of The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-pregnancy Body, Naturally, using Women’s Traditional Wisdom, Valerie Lynn, has been a valued member of Natural Baby Pros since it began nearly four years ago.  She has contributed many great posts on the important topics of natural postpartum recovery and planning, not just for birth, but for motherhood.  She includes her extensive knowledge and experience with herbs, holistic therapies, and practices from other cultures in her writings.  Those in the industry who have already read her book have stated that it truly fills the 'information-gap' on post-pregnancy recovery.

Valerie, who has resided in Malaysia for the past several years (but is returning to the states shortly) has been the In-Country Volunteer Coordinator for Malaysia for Postpartum Support International, and the Asia Pacific region in general.  She developed an all-natural postnatal care set to assist in the recovery period.

Her Mission Statement: To give Moms a holistic wellness plan for postpartum recovery that will improve a her ability to recover from child birth in a shorter time period and reduce the risk to prolonged postpartum mood changes.

For more information on The Mommy Plan, read the  The Mommy Plan Overview June 2012.pdf  or check out some  The Mommy Plan book comments Oct 2012.pdf  from professionals in the industry and others.


Valerie Lynn Mommy PlanHere are some reviews of her book:

“It is time to care for ALL new mothers, and The Mommy Plan is an important key to having the knowledge “toolbox” prepared to help.”  IBU ROBIN LIM, CNN HERO OF THE YEAR 2011-2012

“I absolutely love all the stats and the research you did. It inspires me to become an expert in this field.”  Lety Murphy, A Balanced Touched Birthing Services

“The Mommy Plan is a fantastic resource for mothers and fathers to be. It covers everything for optimal support and healing for the new mama. Including current research to ancient wisdom from other cultures, Valerie Lin presents a variety of healing practices and holistic options for creating your best postpartum period.”  Elizabeth Reynolds, Lux Aromatics

"The Mommy Plan has so much information to offer! I especially love the recipes. They are simple to prepare on a daily basis."  Linda Stavola

“One of the most interesting aspects of the book is the nutritional needs post pregnancy. Of all the books I read preparing me for the pregnancy and birth, nothing is mentioned about the recovery period and what is needed to help regulate the body.  I can definitely implement the diet plan so I am certain to get the proper nutrition for me.  Also, I had no idea the hormones were also going to be a challenge as they regulate for the months after birth.  I feel more comfortable and prepared now having read your book and no what to expect and how to treat and prevent!” Audra Greene

We hope you check out her book, get much from it, enjoy and share what you learn!

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