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North County San Diego is one of the most vibrant, attractive, and ideal places to live and to work, so it makes sense that it needs a online space devoted to community participation and regular interaction.

Carlsbad local and new Natural Baby Pros member Matt Massaro recently created a user-based website,, to serve as an online community where a growing number of business owners and bloggers now have a free platform to spread awareness about their brands and interests, making it easy for residents and visitors, alike, to discover and explore the hottest topics, businesses and happenings throughout the community. In just a couple of months after being launched, several thousands of visitors have been taking advantage of the valuable online resource. The goal is to help visitors and residents learn more about the majestic gems that North County and its surrounding areas have to offer and to have them easily access updated activities, groups, and commerce.

North County residents are the heart-and-soul of the site, using it as a recruitment tool for families, business owners, and entrepreneurs to encourage a greater quality of life in North County, and at the same time support other locals in our community. The site offers anything from business and networking advice, to fashion tips, to favorite restaurants or outdoor venues, to top deals for families. Masarro and his bloggers behind this site offer a savvy, tech-ready workforce that offers assistance to new locals or businesses who want to learn more about learning the ropes of blogging and vlogging (video blogging), as well they offer social media training, online local marketing, and tech assistance. Massaro is devoted to training and assisting bloggers of all levels, especially those with no experience, to learn the skills they need by offering them training and tech assistance throughout the process. Currently, the goal is to continue to have the website grow and evolve with content and social media exposure to continue to meet the interests of its users.

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Matt Massaro is available for phone or Skype interviews. Please contact him at 760-517-6317 to set up a time that is convenient.Please visit Massaro’s excellent website at and view his promotional video at

An Interview with Matt

Matt Masaro

Will you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Matt Massaro. I grew up in Cardiff by the Sea and in 2006 moved to the Bay Area. Ever since I left the San Diego area I wanted to get back. After 6 years I finally made it back and now I reside in Carlsbad.

My professional experience covers years of sales from outside, inside, on the floor retail, phone, and consultative sales. My passions have always revolved around the Internet and computers. A little less than two years ago I really embraced social media and online marketing. I just absorbed as much as possible, and I still am.

I had a good year in solid experience working with local businesses and am familiar with their struggles, budgets, and needs. Throughout that time I attended professional networking groups, mixers, events, chamber, other local organization's marketing meetings, and non profit organizations.

I started blogging about a year ago and started on I went back and forth on it and continued learning everything I could. When I moved back to the area, that's when northsandiego.orgcame to mind. I had purchased the domain a couple months before my move and it was finally time. I didn't want a website with limitations for businesses or people. After working locally and seeing patch sites as well as many others that came and went, I knew that limiting a locally based site to one town was not enough. I decided to make a free community blogging site that anyone can use and start posting.

I have had years of experience working closely with small businesses, start-ups, and starting a couple of my own websites that feature blogs. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up a good blog on a single company website or a personal website. I wanted to create a resource for small business owners, residents, professionals, and the general community to gain free exposure. Creating a website that is user-based is important to me. The future of the website will be tailored to the readers and users of the site.

How you first got involved in with blogging?

I first was involved by creating my personal website. I wanted to build it up mainly to make sure that if someone googles me they will find everything they need.

What do you find most challenging about blogging and do you have any tips for others who might be interested in doing the same?

Staying consistent is my biggest challenge. Sometimes creating a great post can take hours and that becomes a block for me. When that happens I try to switch to write about something that interests me and doesn't feel like a task.

What contributions do want to be known for in the blogging community?

Being well versed in social media, blogging tips, local attractions, local in north San Diego, and within the next 6 months start writing fiction and stories to post. I'm debating about writing fake funny news articles like the onion does.

Have you found anything interesting or unexpected about blogging?

Yes. There is a giant blogging community on the Internet. It takes a while before people start noticing your posts and building up a blog. Once you get there and start networking with other bloggers it gets better.

What do you hope to achieve from blogging?

Exposure so that businesses and residents have a place to write whatever they feel like and make new connections.