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Having a blog has become as important (critical, really!) as having a business card. Your blog should be the hub of all your online business building activities. And you should be posting at least two or three times a week – more often would be even better.

What I'm hearing, over and over again, from independent business owners is that they're feeling overwhelmed at the notion of maintaining a blog. Their biggest concern is writer's block. They write a few blog posts and then they draw a blank and can't seem to come up with ongoing, interesting, creative topics to blog about. If this is the case for you, put your worries to rest.

I found a wonderful free resource that will have you swimming in ideas to blog about. It's a blogging calendar and planner for the entire year that also includes some really intriguing and downright funny holidays and observances celebrated everywhere. I printed out my own copy as soon as I discovered this really cool blogging tool.

Don't know what to blog about? Just check your calendar!Download A Free 2010 Blogging Calendar and Planner today.

Guest Post by Melanie Kissell
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