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by Melanie Kissell

Not every blog comment that's written will be published. Most savvy blog owners moderate their comments. In other words, they read through them first before they hit the "allow" button. They can also choose to "spam" a comment or "trash" it.

Good rules to follow when posting blog comments:

STICK TO THE TOPIC: No sense talking apples if the post is about oranges. It's disrespectful to change the subject. You can certainly ask questions if something isn't clear or you want more information. And it's okay to share a different point of view, as long as you do it tactfully and professionally - not argumentatively.

NO LINKS: Unless a blog owner has asked you to post a link in the comment box, it's selfish and rude to do so. Do not post links to your website, landing pages, or sales pages within your comments. Most blogs have a specific location where you can include your personal url.

SAY SOMETHING APPROPRIATE AND MEANINFGUL:When people leave comments like "Great post!" and add nothing else, it comes across as shallow. Comments of this nature may be sincere or endearing but have no substance. If you think a post is great, tell the writer "why". Share what resonated with you. These kind of comments are welcomed and most appreciated.

NO SELLING OR ADVERTISING: One surefire way to get your comments banned from blogs is to pitch your product or service in the comment box. This is a big No-No. The purpose of the comment box is to "comment" on the blog post, not a place to do any selling.

If you follow proper blog commenting etiquette, your remarks will definitely be published and you'll enjoy the benefit of getting backlinks to your site. Posting comments at blogs is a great way to gain more exposure and give others a chance to learn about you and your expertise.

Guest post by Melanie Kissell
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