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by Melanie Kissell

Social media marketing is absolutely necessary if you're trying to build your business online. You can't ignore the fact, sweep it under the rug, or crawl into a hole of denial. Just take a look at television ads these days. Social media sites are here to stay.

The last I heard, Twitter is growing in popularity by 40% a month! If you haven't figured out how to utilize Twitter as a marketing tool, let me help you get on board in the most effective ways possible.

Keep these guidelines handy for using Twitter to market your business:

  1. Provide Value
  2. Create anticipation
  3. Drive conversation
  4. Showcase your biz
  5. Announce something important
  6. Build community
  7. Be helpful
  8. Brag a bit! You deserve it
  9. Show a little personality
  10. Experiment with giveaways, discounts, and contests

As a general rule, less than 10% of your Tweets should involve any kind of selling or promoting. So what should you be Tweeting about?

Re-Tweet information from your followers that you find useful, funny, or relevant. Share Twitpics - the most opened links on Twitter! Communicate newsworthy items and events and be sure to ask your followers to Re-Tweet the messages for you. Speak in your authentic voice and show why your biz and you are cool. Send out welcome Tweets to new followers (no selling) and become the go-to person in your niche by providing helpful tips and resources and answering questions from your target market. Promote what you want to promote, but make building relationships your highest priority.

Not quite sure how to "brag" the right way on Twitter? The biggest challenge is getting over the “fear” of bragging. My friend and colleague, Cathy Goodwin, can help. Just get her mp3 recording and 25-page workbook by going to: BRAGGING 101(This is my affiliate link and I give it my highest recommendation) Tiny investment – Big results!

Guest post by Melanie Kissell
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